Tomas Silescu – Defying the Dead

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tomasThe day he saved Earl Lothar Eealmont, the Lord of Red Rock, Tomas’ life changed forever. The Dead rose from the Lake and brought sword and fire to red Rock. The Earl’s knights were cut down and he was alone. From the shadows Tomas watched as one of the skeletons rushed for Earl Lothar. He had only a hammer. What could he do? He was just a boy. What could he do? He was just the son of a blacksmith. What could he do? His Lord was alone.

How could he not?

When the sun peaked over the mountains, Earl Lothar asked for his name. He said he was Tomas, the blacksmith’s son. The Earl visited their humble home – humble in size, not in attitude – and that was when he was told that he would be a knight. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy. He would be squired to Ser Almund of Hapriscord, who had lost his squire in the attack. It would be years before he would even be allowed to wield a sword. It would be years before he would see his family again.

But he would be a knight. The name Silescu would not become nobility overnight, but there was the potential. And that was enough for Tomas’ father to thank the Earl with tears in his eyes. From then on Tomas called Red Rock his home. It was not easy. No squire’s life is, and it certainly wasn’t for the son of a blacksmith. He could not give up; shame and humiliation was all that waited for him on that road. So he trained. He studied what was expected of him as a knight. He learned the courtesies that nobles were expected. He wasn’t one of the high born but by the blood of the Emperor he was expected to act like one.

At first Tomas expected some leverage from the Earl. But in time he came to realize that would never happen. The Earl gave him all the kindness that he should ever expect. Tomas was given an opportunity that others would only dream of. The position that Tomas was thrust into was unheard of.

Sir Almund did not grant him knighthood before the Battle at Thunder Cliffs. The horde of the Orc Lord stormed past the Frost Range and marched upon Forge. The Dwarf King sent out his call of aid that the Emperor was honor bound to answer. And Earl Lothar was bound to answer his Emperor’s call. They marched upon the legions of Orcs and the armies of Dwarf, man and Orc clashed upon each other. By every description of the word it was a blood bath. There were survivors, but they were not frequent. Almund himself was impaled by an Orc spear. Tomas lost his left index finger, but he left with his life. He counted that as a blessing.

Not a week passed after Earl Lothar’s armies returned him that the dreams came. He recalled the days of the Empire – the first Empire. He saw visions of their armies, of their temples and their courts. And he saw him – Titus Halcius Litertius. The Lich King. “Vows of blood must be fulfilled.” That was when the Earl knew that he and all his kin was damned. His antediluvian ancestors had sworn their blood to their King…and now he was cashing in on his debts. The Earl’s knights swore that they would find a solution. They knelt before him, pale as he was, and drew out their swords and swore their oaths. Tomas, an unknighted squire, did this also. He was no knight, but the man who gave him his life was cursed to an eternity of damnation.

Tomas would not allow it. He would do whatever it took. No one questioned him. That night he and all the knights debated on the course of action. Ultimately they decided on the source: the Lich King. He was the root of the crisis and it was through him that the Earl would be restored. However the question that dealt with the specifics was unanswered, and for weeks the debates raged. Scholars and historians were summoned, libraries were searched, and as the debate raged the Earl’s condition steadily worsened.

Eventually a consensus was reached: the Crown. The First Crown. That was what the Lich King wore when the Cursed swore fealty to him. It must hold power.

And so the knights marched from Red Rock, in a desperate hope to save the Earl.



Knightly Armor: The standard armor for Knights of the Dragon Empire, Tomas being awarded this was seen as essentially him being knighted. The Earl never did – he had grown too weak to do the task. The gesture was not lost on anyone and the knights of Red Rock henceforth treated Tomas with the respect he deserved. (Base AC 16)

The Gauntlets of Asmalur: It was said that Asmalur was a knight of Dravos who did not act like other knights. He did not rush in, he did not swing his weapons furiously. He moved slow, cautiously and deliberatley through the battlefield. He struck rarely, but he always struck well. His gauntlets are said to have that same quality, and aids any warrior who takes his time on the battlefield. They do prefer that their wielders to get to point, though.

Mechanic: Adds a +1 bonus to the Pierce skill, potentially giving Tomas a +2 bonus if he uses a sword.