Ralph – Ruled by the Dead

The Road to Stonebridge


The Founded were the first of the Ironforged to be discovered by the Dwarves. There they stood, in neat lines and in hundreds of columns, just waiting to be discovered in the dark caves. At a touch the first woke up, and when they did they all asked the same question: “Why am I here?” They have been seeking that answer ever since.

124C-41+ was one of the Founded. And he was one of the rare few that had an answer to that question. “I have a mission.” However that question led to another: “What is my mission?” His programming did not say. He could not find any answer within the runes inscribed on his form. All he had was what all the other Ironforged had – misty recollections of their makers. Some had words just as ambiguous as his.

Left to his memories, 124C-41+ decided to take the initiative. He, along with a few other similarly designed Ironforged, initiated discussions with the Dwarves. These series of discussions would become known as the Iron and Earth Dilation and became the framework for how the Ironforged would be recognized as a sentient race. Each Ironforged was clearly realized as being a sentient individual with all the rights that any other mortal race was granted within each of the prospective kingdoms. That includes being able to own shops, to either enlist or be conscripted into armies, the necessity to pay taxes and tolls, and to even be enslaved. After the Dwarves the delegations was extended to the Elven realms and eventually the Dragon Empire.

After this 124C-41+ ventured into the world. He took the name Ralph when consorting with the “flesh skins” and sought out the answer that plagued him. “What is my mission?”


Glaezentorg: Acquired from the Blue Dragon sleeper agent VARIS, this blade is fueled off of the rage of its foes. It has a cruel, twisted personality that encourages Ralph to butcher his foes. However he has resisted the weapon’s cruel temptations. Although it remains to be seen if the blade can find a way to temp the Ironforged. (Adventurer Tier: +1 to Attack rolls. If reduces a target to 1/2 health then an automatic melee attack can be attempted.)

The Arm of Grognor: Before the War for the Vault, the Arms of Grognor were common day items for any Dwarf. Any of the Earthsunken People would know how to make use of the adaptable tools. But after the War most of the tools were destroyed and many of the blueprints were lost. As such the Arm of Grognor has become a valuable tool. The Arm of Grognor is such an asset because it can imitate other tools that it comes across. Such ingenuity is just a small example of how the Dwarves dominated the technological landscape for such a long period of time. And why the loss of such an asset is a blow to the Dwarves today.

Mechanic: Treat the Arms of Grognor as a Background with a +1.