Olvir – Slave to the Light

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olmirIt is so easy to sin. A moment of negligence, a second of silence. The briefest period of hate. But to be good, to be gracious, to make the world a better place than how you left it? That is an eternity. You will stand alone. The world will look to you and ask “Can you bear the weight? Can you be the one good man amongst so many people that just do not care? Well?”

So many men fail.

Olvir failed once, a lifetime ago. He was walking the road. The name of it didn’t matter – to Olvir, it was simply the road. It was the road that changed his life. There was someone on the side of the road. He was beaten, bruised and bleeding. His clothes were taken from him and he could hardly move. He croaked out a plea for help. Olvir looked to the other side of the road and kept on walking. He did not slow down, not even for a moment.

That was no man, but a god of the helpless. As punishment for his ill deed the god cursed Olvir. He must always help someone in need. He cannot turn a blind eye to injustice. He will never. ever run away from evil. And never again will he turn his head to the other side of the road when someone pleas for help. Olvir will always be there.

Perhaps “curse” is the wrong choice of words. A kick in the rear may be a more apt definition.

He was taken in by the Cathedral of Light and was trained to be a cleric for the Gods of Light. After his initiation he now wanders the world, looking for injustice.

Never again will a cry for help go unheard if he can help it. It could very well be the death of him.


The Knot of Elthine: A devout follower of Yielsio, Elthine was preached the way of the Light and encouraged others to hold onto the Cycle. His life was so dedicated to the ideology of Yielsio that some say that even his belongings are blessed by the Lord of Life. The Knot was said to hang around Elthine’s wrist, and for those that believe in the Gods of Light, are sure to bolster their convictions. (+1 to Cleric Spells)

The Unnamed Cloak: The Cloak was once worn by a man who wanted nothing more than to be ignored. “I am tired of people pestering me about the weather! About what I ate last night, how the day is going, about how loud my stomach is rumbling! Just leave me alone!” He spoke with such ferocity and emotion that his desires became a spell. But people didn’t ignore him – they didn’t notice him. He became no one in particular, just another person in the crowd. He was eventually murdered, but any one person would have sufficed. “You will do,” the killer said.

Mechanic: As Olvir wears this cloak, he gains a +1 to skill checks that allow him to slip into a crowd.