Octavian – To Whom the Silent Speaks

Octavian’s Theme: Drinking Alone

A Reluctant Hero/Betsy/End Credits

octavianLike all young men, Octavian went to war with the aspirations of great deeds. Green men devour tales of charging into battle, fending off the enemies of the Empire, and returning home a hero. They think that they will return home with fanfare and accolade, with proud old men looking at them with pride, women gleaming at them, and children admiring them.

How quickly their dreams are crushed when they see their comrades brutalized and maimed. After their first day on the battlefield they realize that war has nothing resembling glory and valor. That is left for the bards. The soldiers have to contend with the memories of what they had to do to survive. Any romantic dreams are crushed under heel, and the boys are left with a certain bitter truth: if there is a hell, it looks alot like a battlefield.

Octavian went to war under the banner of the Dragon. He marched with all the other boys and old men, intent on fulfilling his destiny. Whatever the hell that meant. Did he expect to discover he was the source of some great prophecy, or be the one to push back the tide of Orcs? What did he see himself when he told his father those words?

He certainly didn’t expect he would discover the Silent God. He didn’t expect he would be driven half mad by trying to decipher wordless phrases. If he knew he was going to fulfill his destiny, he may have kept his trap shut. Maybe he wouldn’t have been so eager to sign up. Or at all.

But now he is stuck with the visions and ideals of a God that doesn’t understand the notion of words. He wanders now trying to find a way to get this God of his to shut the hell up.