Elnan – Chained to Revenge

“Give Me Up the Truth” ▶ custom player

elnanThe sea is a big place. It’s so easy to get lost. To never be seen again. You could be caught in a storm, or be swept up against the rocks. There could have been an outbreak of a plague. No one would think something was off if they never saw you again. You knew the risks, after all. It was all your fault.

That is probably went through the minds of the pirate crew that killed Elnan Shortongue’s parents. Such an easy target, a transport vessel, and nobody would ever think twice about it.  They took pity on Elnan, for whatever reason. They set him loose. How else could you describe him still being alive? He was born at sea after all. Or at least that’s what they say.

But now the only thing on Elnan’s mind is vengeance. He was not close to them but…well, they were his family. Family obligations, y’know?

He was trained and raised as a bard, and there are always people that want a good song or two. Not hard to come by money. It’s money that you can live off of that’s the problem.

But a few songs can buy a meal. And a meal, even a small one, can fuel a hafling for a while. A day. Maybe. And every day that he still breaths is another day that can be full of answers. Another day to ask questions.

Another day that is just one small step closer to the truth.


The Raven’s Eye: Crafted in the imagery of a Raven, this jovial artifact permits Elnan with the ability to peak around corners and through solid objects.

Mechanic: Adds a +1 bonus to any Wisdom check that could be defined as Perception in Man-made environments.