The Dark Elves / Draven: The Progenitors of Progress

I suppose it is only fitting that it was up to the Draven to dethrone the Dwarves. The two kinds are so like each other that it is uncanny. Both are technologically advanced, both prefer straight answers, and both have a preference for the underground rather than the sunlight. The differences end there; the Dwarves are like the Stone. They worship the Gods of Light, the Gods of Order and Stability. The Draven openly worship the Dark Gods, the Gods of mischief, change, revolution and chaos. The Dark Elves are like a storm. Ever changing, ever moving. Unpredictable.

From “On the Sociologies of the Ven” by Trestin Oreliatari, dated 13:208

darkelf-borderSome would call them cruel, but it would be better to refer to the Draven as blunt. They say things as it has to be said, and they do not mince words in the process. They aren’t much in the way of poets, and the few Draven that are poets do tend to be very simple in their prose. Elegance is not necessarily beneath them, however. However the Draven are the most direct of all the Ven; there is no confusion regarding that.

It could be said that this bluntness is what drew the Draven towards technology. Science is what it is; there is no alternatives to it. If something happens, it happens because there is a logic driving it. The Draven’s push toward industry has fundamentally changed the world, and unlike the Dwarves who covet their technologies, the Draven have no issue in sharing their blueprints and methods.

For a price. If you can do something well, never do it for free. And the Draven can be hard bargainers, never settling for anything less than what is precisely profitable to them. Not fair; fair is the most base of standards to one of the Dark Elves. A Human accepts fair. Draven achieve excellence.

Their bluntness also leads them well to warfare; some Draven would state that military is the Scientific School of Combat. The Draven take a very Spartan approach to warfare, drilling their legions until they move and attack with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Anything less than excellence is unacceptable.

It was with this level of precision that the Dark Elves achieved victory over the Dwarves in the War of the Gate, claimed Underhome as theirs, and gained access to the Vault that was the War’s namesake. Even though few of the Ironforged pledged any sort of cooperation to the Draven, their level of technology skyrocketed. From the technologies within they produced wonders through steam. They created the Centurions, mechanical guardians of their new underground realm.

They turned the world beneath from a world of stone to one of technology. Lights originating not from torches or magic but from generators illuminate the dark tunnels. The Draven fundamentally changed the look of the world.

Some may ask why this technology isn’t so widespread. After all, the Draven have no issue selling their blueprints and methodology to the other races. Why aren’t the Centurions seen above the surface? Why are torches being discarded for these lights?

Maybe you should ask the Draven that. If they will even give you an answer. The Vault holds more secrets that that of the Ironforged and Centurions.