The Dragonspawn / Dakiith: Fire in Their Blood

Before you knew how to harness fire, we knew what it meant to breathe it. To feel your blood burn with power, to have that exhilaration course through your lungs. We were gods amongst you. Even the Lejhar ­– the Elves – ­knew us as a great empire. You call your paltry kingdom the Dragon Empire? Ha! The blood of the dragons are in our veins, while yours is just nothing more than a watered down impersonation.

And you have the gaul to strike me? You think you have the might? The capability? That you even fathom it is an insult. Strike me! Here and now! See for yourself the true height of Human potential.

– Jeiilvrim of the Blue, in which he successfully intimidated human bandits.

dragonspawn-borderThe two first beings to walk the world were Adelaide and Valduin. They were the first of each of their respective races, and the alliance between the Elves and the Dragons lasted for tens of thousands of years. However what is not mentioned is the Dragonspawn – or the Dakiith as they assert to be called. Their origins are shrouded in mystery to outsiders. The keepers of their history, the Sethalan, permit few even amongst their people to see their ancient histories. Not even the Elves are granted access on a regular basis – or an irregular one, for that matter.

If you don’t include their origins, the history of the Dragonspawn can be found everywhere in the ruins that dot the landscape. Many of the Imperial cities were built using the ruins as foundations. When a Dragonspawn asserts that his people once controlled the entire continent, he isn’t speaking from arrogance. He is speaking the truth.

However the ruins also state another obvious truth: they fell. They have been reduced from an empire that stretched from Cape Thunder all the way to the Dragon Wood to numerous caravans. These caravans, called Jakkalar (“hands of the fire”) were once used to assert the Dragonspawn’s authority on lesser races, or to defend their borders. However the Jakkalars spent their entire lives in exile, away from the cities that their ancestors vowed to protect. So when their Empire fell the Jakkalars were away from the chaos. This served the obvious advantage of saving their lives, but to this day the Dragonspawn do not know the reason for their Empire’s downfall.

The Dragonspawn now find themselves in a difficult position. They can either remain within their various Jakkalars, holding onto whatever piece of their history they have left, or they can submerge themselves into the various Kingdoms that surround them. Dragonspawn are highly valued within the Empire; their iconic relation with their kingdom’s namesake is not lost on the many nobles, and a lord will pay good money for a Dragonspawn to act as his elite guard or weapon master.

Their relation with the Kobolds and the Lizardmen are…suspect. Any Dragonspawn is likely to kill you (or at the very least leave you crippled for weeks) if you even suggest that they are related to the two lesser species. However the Kobolds have long since been known to worship the Dragons as gods, and the Lizardmen insist that they are the remnants of the Dragonspawn’s Empire. Several relics from that ancient Empire have been found amongst both species, and some Lizardmen have been rumored to speak in a language that none but the Dragonspawn can understand.