The Aasimar: Know Your Place

Talking to an Aasimar is like talking to a God. They are better than you, they know they are better than you, and why aren’t you kissing their feet your worthless swine?

I don’t talk to Aasimar very often. At all, actually.

– Vergio, a Philosopher of the University at Axis

aasimar-border13:3 was the year that marked the arrival of Erembiel, the floating city, above the Midland Sea. For two weeks delegates from the Dwarves and the Elves debated with the Humans over what was to be done. The Elves recommended restraint, while the Dwarves suggested an immediate magic shield be erected across the entire are. The Humans advocated an immediate investigation into the City.

The denizens of the City answered the question for them. A translucent globe materialized over Axis, holding two ambassadors from the City in the Sky. The first was Igneties, who would represent the Aasimar, and the second was Dicentis, a being that would be defined as a Tiefling.  They explained that their two kinds arrived at their world from a plane of reality that stretched across the Beyond, but didn’t go as far as the Astral reality of the Gods. It was a matter of necessity that they did this.

Igneties would describe the more…elaborate aspect of this, while it was Dicentis that clarified his comrade’s superfluous language. It was a taste of what the rest of the world would experience with the two races. Plainly:  the Aasimar are alien. Now this is true in the literal sense, but so are the Tieflings are and that word doesn’t stick to them nearly as much. There are three aspects that must be understood about the Aasimar. Firstly, many of the other races believe the Aasimar are…lacking emotions, but that isn’t true. What they see is that the Aasimar do not express their feelings through their voice or their face but rather their actions.

To the Aasimar what you do is much more important than what you say.  It’s easier to say things than to do them. From the Aasimar perspective they take your actions seriously; if you sway from what you say even a little bit, then you are seen as having lied. If a man says he will find a room, and then calls a servant to do it the Aasimar will see that as an insult.

The second aspect of the Aasimar that have to be understood is their religion. Though to be perfectly blunt, it has more in lines with a philosophy than an actual religion. The Aasimar don’t worship anything, although they perfectly realize the existence of deities. The Aasimar follow a code of ideas known as the Aas (A-a-es) that teaches that everyone is connected and it is only through understanding that connection can order is established.

That connection is a realized in a pseudo-caste system. Like a caste system everyone is born into a role, but it is not determined by your parents or ancestors. You are what you are, so to speak. If you are a good warrior, you are enlisted into their military. Scholar, artist, engineer, scientist, etc. But that is not to say you are stuck someplace forever: you will advance if you prove you have the talent to accept the role. And if you fail then it is the one that advanced you that is punished. After all they threw you into something that you were not prepared for.

The final aspect of the Aasimar is their perceived arrogance. The Aasimar believe that there is a spiritual hierarchy to all things; when you have proven yourself worthy a portion of your soul ascends in the next life. The highest is, of course, the Aasimar. Now if you convert to the Aas then you are guaranteed to be an Aasimar in your next life. Many Aasimar see many that are not of the Aas as lowly and unenlightened, but always capable of reaching enlightenment.

Except for the Tiefling. They’ll never learn.

That is why Igneties was paired with Dicentis. Conversations would have gone to a standstill if it weren’t for the Tiefling representative. The Tiefling understand their radiant siblings, and while the Aasimar don’t want to admit it, they needed their brethren.

After the end of the conference, which became as the Erembiel Treaties, Erembiel was formally recognized as an independent state and the Aasimar and Tiefling as citizens of the world with the same rights as all other sentient creatures. This would act as a precedent for the Ironforged.