The Three: Jovalthakax, Verduin, and Sathlokiir

thethree-borderThe first was the Gold, Duthemviir. His brothers and sisters would not be far behind: the White, Fiilarius was the first to appear. Fillarius was known for his wisdom and temperance, which is ironic considering the Red, Verduin, would emerge next. Verduin is still known for his aggressive and volatile temperament, and the delight he holds in a good kill. Jygalgalthax was a sly, trickster of a Dragon. It knew how to twist words into weapons, and could read even the most sour faced of Dragons, Oddly enough Verduin considered Jygalgathax friend, and the imprisonment of the Green could explain the Red’s ferocity against the Elves. Sathlokiir understood the powers of magic like no one else could. Only an Archmage could complete with her power, and the few times such a duel occurred changed the world forever. Finally the Black, Jovalthakax, had only the knowledge of tactics and stratagems to empower his brood. The Black dragons are known for finding the weak point in any enemy, and it is hard for any mortal general to outmaneuver a Black.

Thus there were Six Broods, with Six to lead them. Now there are only four left to lead. The Wizard King killed Fillarius in the time before the Orcs and the White have wandered ever since. Their love for knowledge and the mysteries of the world have long since decayed into a desire for purpose that they cannot find. Jygalgathax has been imprisoned by the Elf Queen, although neither any of the Dragons nor Adelaide will say anything on the matter. And the Gold Brood is gone, wiped from existence save for Duthemviir, who is the sole vigil of the Abyss.

In truth there are only the Three left now. The Black, the Red, and the Blue. And the hate they have for mortalkind cannot be measured. They will fight and scream until all of the cities of the world are burnt. Oh, Sathlokiir is cooperating with the Emperor. For now. But the time will come when the Blue will take to the skies and they will rain destruction upon the Empire. The Red will gladly trigger all of the traps the Archmage has set. And the Black will rise from the swamps and bring ruin.

The day will come.

The Three-symbol