The Priestess: Maria de Augests

priestess-borderBefore the 13th Age the Gods were silent. They could afford to. They were the deities of stasis, of keeping what was. They had no reason to interject into the affairs of mortals. Well, unless it was to deter their traitorous siblings that now serve Porodomy. Then they could find any reason to speak to their priests.

But with the advent of the 13th Age and the meddling of Nicolas Kilopicus they had only one reason: to live. The Archmage made it so that they live off of the worship of mortals. At that point they had no choice but to get involved. They have to encourage our worship. They can’t just allow their churches to be little better than well respected cults and their shrines being little better than rickety shacks. They had to make themselves a part of our lives in a big way.

Enter Marisa de Augests, the oldest daughter of one of the oldest families within the Dragon Empire. Powerful too: there was a point early on in the 13th Age where the de Augests could very well be the ruling family instead of the Mallans. A month to the day of when Nicolas Kilopicus proved himself worthy to be called “Archmage”, the Gods of the Light spoke to her.

Five years to that day, the Church of the Light had spread across the entirety of the Empire. To worship a God is not seen as a fringe element, but rather a steadfast aspect of everyone’s life. Temples dedicated to the Eight Gods are widespread, and even a few radical factions have risen from within the faithful.

Maria de Augests is simply known as the Priestess, and she is dedicated to spreading the faith of the Gods of Light. Some argue that she is just a puppet for the Gods. If she is, she is a willing one. She may not call herself a friend of the Archmage, but she does proclaim herself to be an ally with the same desire of supporting the Dragon Empire.

Her association with the Emperor is…conflicted. Many believe that Maria is using her new political clout to eventually assert herself as ruler, and those close to the Emperor share those feelings. The Priestess and the Emperor have come to blows on many issues, but both realize that the other simply desires the Empire to prosper. Xerxes does take issue with how the faith of the Gods of the Light conflicts with those that see him as the God Emperor. Members of both faiths have come to blows on many occasions and some wonder if that will become widespread.