The Orc Lord: Vrolock

orclord-borderWhat are the Orcs? If you were ask those in the south, Orcs are nothing more than monsters, savagery and hatred given physical form. Their green skin, sharp teeth and weathered tusks only help support that definition. They are monsters, and must be put down. They are a threat to all that is good and wholesome in the world. Their only purpose is to serve as an obstacle to mortal kind’s advancement through the ages.

If you were to ask the Orcs, they would tell you that they are simply the Orcs. Just like if you were to ask a Human what a Huaman was, he’d look at you with a confused look and say “…Ah, human?” An Orc is not born bad or good, sweet or negligent.

An Orc is defined by respect – by both whom he give it to and who gives it to him. If you are given respect that means you have value. To the Orc, that is gherka. And there is no one with more gherka than the Orc Lord – or lhork. The lhork is the head of all the tribes of the Orcs. They revere him. They respect him because he earned enough gherka to earn that right. Unlike the Dragon Empire, lhork is not passed down from blood to blood. That can only greed arrogance and incompetence.

No, you need to earn the right to become lhork. With gherka and with blood. An Orc faces the lhork and he says “I am more worthwhile than you!” And then he turns to those around him. “Do I not have gherka?” he will ask. And they will answer yes or no. Yes is the right to face the lhork in honorable combat. No is the right to a bloody, immediate execution.

Vrolock is the current lhork, and he took the title from his cousin Ogrim. Ogrim was a good Orc. He was strong, he was loyal, and he could inspire anyone. But he was a weak leader. Better with the arm and the tongue than with the mind, you could say. The tribes were suffering. Vrolock looked at his cousin – whom he loved dearly – and saw the death of the Orcs. If nothing was done the tribes would break apart and dissolve into dozens of wars.

Ogrim had to die. And that is what Vrolock did. His face full of tears, he challenged his cousin to honorable combat and he killed him. But his work was not done. The wounds caused by Ogrim’s rule was too deep. The Orcs still resent each other. There is too much tension, too much risk of the Orcs breaking apart. They need to be reminded why they united under a lhork in the first place. They have to be reminded who they are.

So they march to war. They will march south and lay siege on the Southeners. They will kill, they will burn cities, and people will die. Because the Orcs must live on. They cannot forget who they are. They are Orcs. They are brothers. They are one.

So people will die. Because they must.


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