The Lich King: Titus Halcius Litertius

lichking-borderTo know the life of Titus Halcius Litertius is to know a life that was born into power and even in death refused to relinquish it. In the First Age there was the Empire, and it stretched across the world. Unlike the Dragon Empire, which was united by a singular entity the Emperor, the Empire was controlled by a series of powerful families. Identified as the nomen, they had dictated the political ebb and flow of the Empire for hundreds of years by the time Titus was born. Entering a life that emphasized back room dealing and relentless schemes, Titus could only excel or perish under the weight of more ambitious men.

Titus saw what the rest of the nomen were blind to: the people were the path to power. As such he appealed to them in every way. He lightened their taxes, threw festivals, and mentioned their worth in speeches. His rivals saw the effect he was having and sought to put an end to him. An assassination attempt cost him his right eye and left arm. His refusal to step down only endeared him more to the people.

When he stepped onto the podium covered in the blood of the patriarchs, the crowd cheered. In all but name, he was king. Like most of the nomen Titus practiced sorcery. It didn’t take long for people to start referring to him as the Wizard King.

Early on in his life Titus unwittingly made contact with Hamoria, the Dark God of Knowledge and Fate. Hamoria granted Titus the full breadth of his repository. In return Titus just had to simply “use it interestingly”.

Late in his reign came the Orcs. They emerged from the untamed north and they ravaged the countryside. No one had ever seen anything like them before – some manuscripts define them as demons. For all the horrors they wrought, they may as well have had been. Titus would send his best generals only to receive their heads.

The end of Titus was also the end of the Empire. The Orcs razed the capitol and Titus died. It is unknown what the Orcs did next: there are no mention within Elven or Dwarven manuscripts that the Orcs attacks them. As far as anyone can aware, as they were now satisfied with their slaughter they marched back home into the north.

But that was not the end of Titus Halcius Litertius. He has returned as the Lick King and he wants his realm back. He sees the Dragon Empire as his, and he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it. He rose the capitol from the depths of the sea and renamed it “Necropolis”. He tore out his trusted generals’ souls from the Beyond and raised them again. Throughout the Dragon Empire he has raised the dead, armed them, and assigned them to legions.

The Lich King has gone to war. With everyone.

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