The High Druid: Domhan

highdruid-borderDomhan is an old word. Very old. Not even the Elf Queen or Duthemviir remember the origin of the word – which probably means the word came from Anu. But everyone knows what the word means: “Earth”. But the word isn’t an adjective. It’s a noun. It’s a name. But it doesn’t belong to just any one person. You can think of it working like an inheritance, but it’s not the same. It passes from person to person, but it has nothing to do with blood or dynasties. It is a gift, a responsibility. It is given to those that deserve it. You have to be chosen.

After all, Domhan is the High Druid.

The High Druid is the voice of the wilds. She is the queen of the bears and the snakes and the birds and all the other animals. Her voice will bend trees, stir up storms and rupture the earth. Her soul is entwined with every leaf and speck of dirt. But let me be clear on something. Domhan is not a mortal put in charge of nature.

She is nature. Her soul merges with the lifeblood of the earth and she ceases being human. Or dwarf or elf or whatever else she or he once was. Domhan cannot be considered what they were born as. Each Domhan is long beyond that definition. Domhan’s motivations aren’t even in line with mortal desires.

The High Druid desires what the wilds desires. To live unhindered by the machination of mortals.

Domhan, as she lives within the 13th Age, is a human woman. Not much is known about her. However most of the High Druids reside within the deepest, most primal centers of the forests. Domhan, however, has been seen on the outer edges of the forest, well within sight of Imperial and Elven settlements. This is unprecedented: the High Druid has never been so close to civilized society so frequently. Many within the Empire are debating on how to respond to this, as well as how to interpret it. Domhan has also recruited mortals to act as her agents. No one else have spoken with her, and any of her agents refuse to comment on matters dealing with her personally.

Whatever the case, Domhan has proven that the 13th Age will be one of change. Nothing will be the same.

High Druid-symbol