The Great Gold Wyrm: Duthemviir

greatgoldwyrm-borderFirst there were the Elf, Adelaide. Then came her sibling the Dragon. Unlike the other Dragons – who should be noted are referred to as “Dag” or “Dagon” – the first Dragon’s scales were multicolored and changed between them constantly. He was named – or named himself – Valdiun. In the draconic tongue that means “First, Progenitor, Last”.

A few scholars have claimed to have interviewed a few of the Dragons. All of them agree on that Dragons do not breed. They claim to be eternal, immortal, unchanging beings and thus have no need for eggs or other means of reproduction. However many of the legends also agree that at one point there was only one Dragon. Thus, how does the next line make any sense?

Duthemviir, the first of the Gold, was the first son of Valduin.

The Elf Queen knows. Many Dragons said as such. “Ask the Queen” they would say.

All of the Dragon colors except for the Gold are hostile to mortals. They see us as the enemy, as food or a source of idle entertainment. They see our cities and laugh – they all go to dust eventually. The Dragons would know firsthand: they had seen every city burn at one point or another. But something happened to make Dragons this way. It is only relatively recent in that the Dragons started to attack mortals. And it was only once the Elf Queen imprisoned the first Green, Jygalgalthax, that the Dragons added the Elves to the “kill list”.

So, what changed? What happened?

Duthemviir knows. The Dragons have called him betrayer – or “gukhan” – and just the mentioning of him is known to send any Dragon into a rage. They despise the Abyss Sealer, despite how his existence protects theirs.

His name probably has something to do with it. In draconic Duthemviir means “Ambitious, Ender, Destroyer”.

The beginning of the Dragon Attacks began somewhere around eight hundred years ago, a significant period of time after the sealing of the Abyss (which many agree happened long before the First Age). So it’s fairly obvious that Duthemviir sealing the Abyss was not the cause. Some question if the Dragon Attacks were somehow linked with how no one has seen a single Gold in the 13th Age.

Despite the fact that Duthemviir is chained to the Abyss he still has an enormous impact on the world. He can still send telepathic messages to those of his choosing, and through this he has founded the chivalric order “The Golden Order”. Long before the 13th Age his followers constructed the Golden Citadel, a grand headquarters for the Golden Order. However that has fallen to ruin after the initial surge of the Dragon Attacks. The Golden Order is influential on Imperial society, but it is divided by both politics and geometry. The only location all of the chapters of the Order could agree on to meet was at the Citadel – and that is now just a sundered ruin.

Great Gold Wyrm