The Elf Queen: Adelaide

elfqueen-borderAs much as some would like to think otherwise, not everything is eternal. She may be known as the Eternal Queen but Adelaide had a beginning just like everything else. She was the first Elf, created by Anu in retaliation for Porodomy taking some of the Gods. One truly can’t say exactly how the creation of mortals was Enu’s way of getting back at Porodomy, but you can rest assured the Church of the Light has a couple (hundred) ideas. Some say that Adelaide saw Anu itself. Others say that the first Elf child was the conception between herself and Anu. Others say that Adelaide was born pregnant – although that raises just as may red flags as the previous idea.

The point is twofold. One, Adelaide is old. Very old. By all accounts she is the oldest thing in creation, even before the dragons. They are a very close second, though. The second this is no one has any idea about anything regarding her creation or the circumstances regarding said creation except for Adelaide herself.

In regards to her age, that is also a confusing question. Yes there are 13 Ages, and yes each Age begins with an Empire rising and ends with its destruction, but it is still hard to say how old Adelaide is. For one, an Empire doesn’t rise up the moment another one dies. It can take anywhere between hundreds to thousands of years for that to occur. Secondly, we are talking about the 13 Ages of Man, which is younger than both the Elves and the Dwarves.

So the answer is clear: there is no answer, and chances are there never will be an answer. Moving on.

For the most part Adelaide has been fairly cemented into her Green Throne, but if there was ever a moment when she was at risk of losing that crown it would have been during the Sundering. The Sundering being when the Elves stopped being just the Elves and became the High Elves, the Wood Elves and the Dark Elves. Or the hyjelth, the wydelth, and the dreelth if you are an Elf. The actual circumstances behind the Sundering are sketchy at best, but some like to think that Adelaide was somewhat behind it.

And when we are talking politics: somewhat means someone’s hands are so dirty you can’t see their fingernails. Just saying.

While we are on the topic of Adelaide being somewhat involved in a business that fundamentally changed the history of a race, let’s just say that Adelaide wasn’t innocent in regards to the War of the Gate. Adelaide knew precisely what her Dark Elves were up to when they decided to go all out on the Earthsunken People. Some might even say she ordered them to initiate the conflict. But why? Well…

“The Dwarves will thank me someday.” She said this after the Blood Truce between herself and King Dmitri Techovae. People think she said this in regards to the Truce. People would be wrong.

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