The Dwarf King: Dmitri Techovae

dwarfking-borderThe name of the Dwarf King is fourteen words long. “Dmitri Techovae” is simply an abbreviation. The reason for this lies in Dwarven naming conventions: for each additional child you add another name. The reason for that is they must bear the weight of the accomplishments of their more senior siblings. Their long name becomes a literal weight to their social dealings.

Dmitri Techovae was the fourteenth son of Ivor Hegroff Vasetrofft. He proved himself the better of his thirteen older brothers and ascended to the throne six hundred years ago. Six of his brothers, bitter in their defeat, allied against him and waged the first Dwarven civil war in a thousand years. Outmatched and outnumbered Dmitri Techovae, the King on the Red Throne, the One with Mud for Blood, defeated them all.

To the dwarves, three is a lucky number. At that point Dmitri had proven himself two times. The third time would seal his kingship.

In the War of the Gate, Underhome was lost to the Dark Elves. The dwarves dug deep – deeper than ever before and since – and they found a vault that could not be opened. The Dark Elves – the Draven – immediately laid claim to it. It was something of their design, lost since the birth of their race. Dmitri refused – it was in Dwarven territory, it was discovered by Dwarves, by all accounts it belonged to the Earthsunken People.

Thus was the War of the Gate. It lasted for a very, very long time. Neither side kept chronicles of the war, as the amount of lives lost on both sides shamed them both. However during the course of the War the prime city of the Dwarves, Underhome, was seized by the Dark Elves. That was the end of the War of the Gate. Dmitri Techovae led his people from Underhome to the city under the mountain – Forge.

One may ask how that sealed his Kingship? How did that preserve his right to rule? You ask that because you misunderstood. It didn’t seal his line. It doomed it. Dmitri Techovae is a King on borrowed time. His people have not forgotten the shame of losing Underhome. They will never forget. His successor will rise, he will assemble an army, and he will attack Dmitri Techovae. And he will win. As the Red King lays on his stone throne dying his successor will whisper in his ear “We remember”. And then he will die and his successor will lead his people back to Underhome.

Unless he takes back their ancestral home before that happens. Before the next war, before the next successor, before his death. Before time runs out, he needs to wage war on the Dark Elves once more. And if that happens, one of two events will occur. Either the Dark Elves will be defeated and the Earthsunken People will be victorious, or the Dwarves will be wiped from the Earth.

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