The Diabolist: Lihilim

diabolist-borderShe was born from the fire, they say. From the Abyss she arose, as horrific, as cruel and as a twisted mockery of humanity as she is now. She is the eternal embodiment of evil, they say. Her heart is brimstone and her blood is fire. She is hell. She is chaos and she is ruin. If the world knew a way it would have ended her long ago. But she is eternal, and that which always was will always be.

Thing is, that isn’t true. Everything has a beginning. Nothing just exists. There is always a point of origin, a period in which something ceases to be nothing and becomes something. Stasis is not the way of the world. To remain as things are is the way of Anu. It is Porodomy that desires change.

You can guess where Lihilm came from. Enu and Porodomy have been at it for…well, as long as any living thing could imagine. Enu created the Gods, but Porodomy persuaded some of them to come to its side. As the religions go, Enu then created the mortal races. Not one to be outsmarted Porodomy took one human – a human that was so beautiful, so perfect, that it couldn’t help itself – and turned her into something else.

That was Lihilm. That was the Diabolist. The Diabolist served Porodomy for a time, but you have to understand that she was a little bit bitter about the whole losing her humanity thing. So she took an essence of Porodomy – just a handful – and created an army, The Demons. Then she went to war against Porodomy.

Of course to do that she had to go through the earth. And demons don’t just go through anything. They burn. They raid, they kill, and they oblige their base desires. So Duthemviir, who would become known as the Great Gold Wyrm, used its body to seal the Abyss. And the Diabolist has been trapped ever since.

Oh, she isn’t completely trapped. She can send shadows of herself through, and more demons get out than Duthemviir would like to admit. But Lihilm wants out. She wants to wage her war. She wants to touch the cosmos. She wants Porodomy to be set ablaze.

At any cost.