The Archmage: Nicolas Kilopicus

archmage-borderOne does not simply become an Archmage. The word comes from the draconic phrase “Maker, Unmaker, Man”. To become an Archmage – or rather, to be recognized as one – you need to change the world. If you can change the world – not in terms of politics, but in terms of the realities – then you have proved that you are the Archmage.

And the world prays that you don’t do it again.

Every Age has had an Archmage, and each Archmage was distinctly attached to the times and tribulations of their Age. You cannot take one out from the other. The Archmage has not neccesarily defined  his Age…but that didn’t stop him from manipulating it.

Nicolas Kilopicus was touched by the cosmos. That is what he has said – or at least that is what his apprentices and servants have deciphered from his sixspeaks. Sixspeaks – the Archmage speaks in six different languages at the same time, and at least two of them are Draconic and Druidic. That also makes him the only human to speak Draconic, and the only human besides the High Druid to speak druidic. As you can guess, this makes understanding the Archmage very difficult.

Anyways, Nicolas Kilopicus was touched by the cosmos. Can’t say if it was always that way, like he was some sort of psycho god baby, or if it happened sometime later. But Nicolas saw the stars, and They touched his soul. We have no mention of his family or life before he became the Age’s Archmage. Some raddled fools say that he just poofed into existence. Then again, for all that we know about him (which is hardly any at all) he may as well have.

But the question is “how did Nicolas become the Archmage”. Like all the Archmages before him, Nicolas changed the world. He didn’t do something stupid like make the fish walk on land or have us breathe cheese. No, he did something far more interesting.

He made the Gods need us. The Gods can’t just let whatever happen to us. They need us now. The worship of the Gods are their lifeblood now. So long as one mortal sings the praise of a God, it will live. Not in a glorious way, but it will live. The moment that no one remembers a God? That is when a God experiences death.

In a way Nicolas brought about the rise of Maria de Augests – the Priestess. They are not so much enemies as thorns in each other’s backs, but Maria’s influence came about directly from the Gods. And without Nicolas forcing them to pay attention us…well, Maria would probably still be some pretty face.