Yielsio: The God of Life

16There is an order of things. You are conceived, you are born, you live, you perish, and your spirit moves onwards. But sometimes there is a perversion of that cycle. Sometimes one does not move on. One lingers within the world, tormented, tormenting, haunting, haunted.

Yielsio is the preserver of this cycle. She deals in making sure that the spirits of the departed go along the proper path and are not led astray. She is obviously at odds with the Dark God of Eternity, Yselle, who is the patron of Undeath, and the followers of both deities have waged battles that had become local legend.

Yielsio is often associated with light, in the symbolic sense. Many temples dedicated to him try to have as much natural light shine in as they can. With paintings he is often depicted wrapped in light, and in legends his glowing blade is Lightseeker. Curiously enough his robes are not white or yellow but blue. Scholars have debated on the meaning behind this, and some have come to the conclusion that it is a reference to the necessities of water.