Sillieh: The Goddess of Unions

12Do not mistake Sillieh as the patron deity of love. Love is far too chaotic and uncontrollable a force for any of the servants of Anu. But it is rather easy to fail that distinction as Sillieh is the Goddess of Unions – with marriage being the bluntest example. She is the patron to all those relationships – romantic or not – that require people to work together in unison. Marriages, business arrangements, partnerships, and friendships fall under her domain.

With mortals being creatures of such indiscernible habits, Silleh has her work cut out for her making sure all of these unions stay in one peace. More often than not they don’t, which makes some scholars to wonder if perhaps Sillieh is the weakest of the Gods of Light. Others argue that there is still a significant amount of partnerships that do work are a testimony to her importance within the pantheon. Hard to say.

Her realm has often been portrayed as a giant guild hall, where hundreds of phantoms in the form of various merchants and traders work their differences together. As for her she is usually dressed in a clean, well pressed, perfectly stitched robe and not a strand of her hair is out of place. Perfect union.