Sejorlia: The Goddess of Justice

15The Judges and Lawyers seek out the guidance of Sejorlia to guide their hands. Sejorlia desires “proper” justice, dished out with a very firm and controlled hand. To Sejorilia true justice isn’t detailed by emotions but by enduring logic. She isn’t blind because she isn’t the one that dishes out the sentencing. She is however the symbol of that sort of justice.

However Sejorlia doesn’t believe in doing what is “right”. To Sejorlia so long as a sentence is passed out within the judicial courts then she is satisfied. Retrials are something she is against as a God of Light, since she is all about stability and keeping things as they are. Retrials are anything but stable.

Worship of Sejorlia is…argumentative. She is not a patron of righteous justice…just justice that is sentenced in the court. She is looked upon by lawyers and judges for many reasons, but none of them are not to guide their hand rightly. “Keep the trial smooth,” “hope the Lawyer will avoid needless rhetoric”, and “may the jury be quick and efficient in their duties” are common prayers. The common folk, in a rare display, often turn to the Dark God Tutrethos, the patron god of revenge, uprisings, curses, vendettas and righteous anger, for fair justice to be sentenced.

Sejorlia is often garbed in very faint colors – white is a popular choice for religious artists. She has long hair but unlike Meliete they are straight, firm, and fully cooperative. Her realm is the Triumvantine, a valley encased within three massive mountains.