Sathulies: The God of Linearity


Time is not linear. It is not a river. It does no go straight, it is not narrow. It does not go as it should go. Time is a big, fat mess. At any point in time a hundred thousand different choices and events can occur, resulting in a so many alternate universes and parallel realities that it would take a godly power to make any sense of the whole thing.

Good thing Sathulies is on the job. Bad thing that the job has made him absolutely insane. Even worse thing is that he is the head of the Gods of Light and reports directly to Anu. Slightly better news is that he is not evil. He’s just cranky and no one can make heads or tails out of what he says. And by no one I don’t mean just the priests, but the other gods as well. Supposedly even Anu cannot decipher the nonsense words that come out of Sathulies’ mouth.

Sathulies is known for physically having two heads; one that is more or less human, with yellow skin and a glowing beard, while the other is a dragon with eight hundred and eighty eight eyes. The human head keeps his eyes focused on the “original” reality, while the dragon head makes sure all of the alternate realities don’t merge, cause a collapse of reality, or any other nonsense. His realm is a lighthouse that lingers in space…or it’s a box. Many testimonies contradict themselves on the matter.