Meliete: The Goddess of the Elements

14 Think for just a moment the many terrible ways the world cam destroy itself. Winds strong enough to rip the thick roots of trees from the earth, lightning storms that can cause forest fires, and the earth will even split itself apart at times. The truth of the matter is, the world is trying to destroy itself. Let’s not forget that the whole of reality emerged out of the conflict between Stability and Change. That has created a material plane that is ever at conflict with itself.

You didn’t think those earthquakes were all a coincidence, did you?

Thus we have Meliete. She is the patron goddess of making sure the world doesn’t kill itself. She balances the “natural” elements of the world, keeping them in line. She knows full well that all those earthquakes, monsoons, forest fires and the like all have benefits for the earth. But too much and the world won’t be around to reap the benefits. People who desire a good year of crops pray to her. Sailors who wish for a quick journey pray to her. Those that travel across the harsh lands pray to her.

Whenever an artist decides to depict her, it is almost always as a wispy creature. Her hair is never still, constantly swaying as if she is surrounded by gusts of wind. Her realm of choice is the sky – or something that strongly resembles it.