Iblicefe: The God of Understanding

13The God of men with no ambition and sorcerers that need to have less ambition, Iblicefe is the God of Understanding. Not of knowledge or compassion. Of understanding your place. Everyone has their station, their rank of office, their positioning along the chain of command. It can be good to desire to advance…but it can be even more disastrous to go beyond what you were meant for. Iblicefe makes it his job to encourage mortals to know their limits.

Some have called him sorcerer’s most unfavorite deity because he also represents magic that needs to be restrained. Magic is a tool that can change the world – look what the Archmage did to the Gods! Iblicefe makes sure to “persuade” mages and sorcerers to, perhaps, have some restraint on their arcane experiments. Not that they always listen mind you.

There are some questions raised regarding the legitimacy of Iblicefe as it was only after the Archmage made the Gods reliant on worship that Iblicefe emerged. It has been raised that perhaps Iblicefe does not even exist, that he is just a “persuasive force” to encourage mages to never do anything so radical again. On the other hand many have claimed they have been “touched” by Iblicefe.