Berlamb: The God of Peace

17Do not confuse his name for being a tender, meek god. Berlamb is not a passive god. Berlamb is the god of Peace as granted through war, laws, and strong will. To Berlamb the only thing that matters is that stability is preserved or will emerge from the conflict. The matter by which the status quo is ultimately made dominant hardly makes a lick of difference to Berlamb.

Some would say that Berlamb is a warrior god, and certainly the fields of battle is one of his domains. Emphasis on the “one”, however. Berlamb is also a god of law – and he isn’t too far apart from Serjorlia – as well as a god of tyrants, kings and other rulers. Some suggest that the line of the Dragon Emperor actually comes from Berlamb, but that is a matter of some debate.

At worst the other gods could be accused of being negligent. At his worst Berlamb can certainly be perceived as being a cruel deity. Some of his actions are better left unspoken, and those that are spoken give weight to the silent deeds. The followers of Berlamb have just as often been heroes as they were vindictive rulers.

Berlamb is the Sword of Order. He preserves order through means that others would not even consider. He may be despised, but ultimately he is necessary.