Anu is the manifestation of preservation, statis, conservation, and in all respects things remaining as they are. It is the creator of the Gods – it is false to call Anu “father” or “mother” because, just as with Porodomy, it has no gender. It has no form. It does not inhibit the physical plane of reality as we know it to be. Although it is often depicted as a giant cube, this is just a measure for mortals to understand Anu. Anu is Anu. That is all.

We are also aware that Anu created the Elves and the Dragons – or the first of each at least. However this goes against what it represents so many philosophers debate on why Anu took this course of action. They are no closer to an answer than when the question was first asked.

The Eight Gods have a very…complicated relationship with their creator. Some act as the role of the rebelious child with Anu, whereas others serve him willingly full knowing that Anu despises them. Some wonder if the Gods of Light have gone slightly insane. It’s rather difficult to say.