Yselle: The Goddess of Undeath, Plagues, Funerals, and Grief

4The sworn enemy of Yielsio, Yselle is actually his sister. Or at least that is what Yselle claims – the priests of the God of Life tend to be rather silent on the matter. Whether it was due to a sibling rivalry or ideological differences, Yselle and Yielsio are sworn enemies and their worshippers have sworn eternal hatred upon each other. More than once a small war has erupted between the two factions.

Yselle represents the end. Her domain is that of death, of the Kingdom of the Dead. But the end is not all she deals in. She is the perverter of life as well, as she is also the source of Undeath. Necromancers invoke the name of Yselle, as it is through her that they get their profane powers.

Well, those Necromancers that use Yselle to disturb life. There are Necromancers that guard the boundaries between life and death, and deal in putting the dead to rest. But they are most often sterotyped as the villainous former. Many folk talks and regal dramas have a Necromancer as the villain. Some even have the Necromancer as a tragic villain or hero, but these are rare.

However, Yselle deals in all matters of death. Including the actual departing. Many priests invoke her names during funerals, and it is the one time that priests of Yielsio will tolerate the presence of her worshipers. Yselle is often prayed to for a quick grieving process. Yselle can grant such a boon, if she is moved to do so. She will never remove grief, but she will lessen it’s impact.