Valheus Mora: The God of Power, Tyrants, Warfare and Savagery

8Out of all the Dark Gods, none damn them as much as Valheus Mora. Also known as the Blood God, Valheus Mora revels in the worst that mortalkind has to offer. Murder, rape, mass slaughter, warfare, using power to control other people…Valheus Mora is a God that is admired by few. His name is tainted in conversations; even speaking his name in condemnation is not done so hastily, and anyone praising him outright is quickly thrown in jail. Or killed.

The Crusader Xerhemies has sworn eternal fealty to Valheus Mora, and it is in His name that he has waged his crusade on the Demons. It is no act of kindness that Valheus Mora has directed his greatest servant. The Blood God would love nothing less than to rule all of Creation, but he cannot do so if the Demons have reduced it to cinders. So for a time Valheus Mora is focused away from the mortals that he normally preys on.

Many tyrants have been ascribed to being bolstered to their power simply through the will of Valheus Mora, and it is argued that Valheus Mora has had the greatest mark on history out of all the Dark Gods. Some even suggest that many of these tyrants were Valheus Mora himself. Many stories state as such, and it is usually up to a chosen of the Gods of Light to remove him from power.