Tutrethos: The Goddess of Revenge, Uprisings, Curses, Vendettas and Righteous Anger

2It is from Tutrethos that the phrase “Abyss have no fury like a woman scorned”. Tutrethos is the Goddess of Vengeance. She is the mother of those that have been sinned and have a taste for hot blood.

…Well, they say she is a goddess anyway. Tutrethos has long since lost any sort of resemblance of a face and her skin has thawed off, leaving only a skeletal visage and a fleshy exterior.

Tutrethos has many assistants. The first is the Emblazoned Lion, a creature that has been cursed by one of the Gods of Light. The Lion helps Tutrethos seek out those that have a desire of vengeance. Then there are the Jukekadas, the Fishers of Men. In the Vengeful Planes, they appear as fish with the face of men. But in the mortal world they appear look no different than any other human. They seek out those that have the potential to act upon their vengeful desires and prod them into the desired direction.