The Hanged Men: The God of Unfortunate Events

5Sometimes, shit just happens. It may not be your fault necessarily. Terrible event after terrible event will just happen to you. Some may say that you had it coming. Or perhaps the universe just had it in for you. Mayhaps you were just destined to have a miserable existence.

In truth, it was none of these things! The Hanged Men just picked you out of the blue to have a series of crappy luck. It’s nothing personal. Seriously, in no way shape or form did you do anything to incur the attention of the Hanged Men. They just chose you to have some downright terrible luck.

Of all the Gods, the Hanged Men have the fewest followers. Understandably, no one wants to draw the Hanged Men’s attention. The few that do worship them do it for a multitude of reasons, but the biggest is to draw as much attention to them. It’s…debatable to say if that theory has any credibility.

What is even more debatable is if the Hanged Men serve any purpose in the grand scale of things. What good does the Hanged Men’s existence provide? All of the other Gods provide some understanding of a contribution to creation, even if it is malicious at the very worst. But the Hanged Men don’t seem to be worth anything.

Maybe they were the ones who got the worst luck of them all.