Sigrun, Yrgrun, and Trygrun; The Three Players: The Gods of Fools, Tricksters, Minstrels, Murderers, Spies and Artists

3The Three Gods in One (or the One God that is Three…), Sigrun, Yrgrun and Trygrun are more often referred to as The Three Players. If for no other reason than it is easier off of the tongue. And that in of itself says a great deal about the brothers. They represent ideas that are not as clear on the surface. They are the gods of ambiguity. Those that profess to not saying the truth pay respect to the Three Players. The followers of the Three are either so good at lying that people believe them – or they are very good and are paid for the privilege! – or they are not so good and are cuffed in irons.

The latter is more common than the former.

The Brothers are not a deity for those that want a straight answer. The few times they do answer a prayer with a vision it is one filled with riddles and nonsense. And the other times they answer in the form of a song or performance or a crime that the benefactor passes by on the street.

Because of their association artists and singers have difficulty gaining respect. After all, the Three Players are the patron deity of both the arts as well as murderers and spies, professions that are revered nowhere. Small towns are especially hostile and have been known to drive out a singer as soon as they see a lute.