Securelija: The Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood, the Spring, and New Ideas

7Their devout husbands may not like to hear it, but every mother in the process of giving birth cries out to the wrinkled crone Securelija. Securlija is the Motherly Goddess. In a way she most represents Change the most out of all the Dark Gods, for what changes the world more so than a new life being born?

It is said that Spring is entirely within her control, and so when the Spring is especially late some say that Securlija is in a bad argument with Meliete. Or that she is taking a very long nap.

The Crone Goddess also deals in New Ideas. These aren’t just trifles like “I should actually try to get some work done today!” These are ideas that fundamentally change the world. They are revolutionary. The scientists, scholars, academics, and governors will probably beseech the Crone in one way or another.