Porodomy represents change in all its forms. Evolution, murder, rebellion, study, meditation and just putting people to the sword. If it changes a single thing, Porodomy represents that. Porodomy loves change. It embraces the concept. Change for any reason delights it.

Some would say Porodomy is manipulative. Considering it tricked Anu into creating the Gods, that probably isn’t too far from the truth. But it’s not the truth either. Anu doesn’t mind being straight faced if it means bringing about change. You think the Gods of Darkenss stuck with it for being a liar?

Then again, Porodomy’s dealing with Lihilim hasn’t done it any favors either. It did bring about the Diabolist’s existence, and her rage at him is the root cause of all the chaos born from the Demons.

It is curious though how it was Anu, not Porodomy that brought the greatest change to creation in the form of the mortal beings. Some suggest that Porodomy must have had his hand in it, or perhaps Anu felt it was a necessary to undermine Porodomy in some way. If that was the case then the plan had backfired on it.