Hemephilia: The Goddess of Secrets

6It is rare for any of the Dark Gods to hold sway over just a single domain, but Hemephilia has that designation. She is the Strange Goddess, for she deals strictly in secrets. If there is something unknown, she makes it her job to make sure that it stays unknown.

Or at least to make sure that it stays in her possession so that only she knows it until she can use it to her advantage. Nothing can stay secret forever, but a secret can hold power when it is made knowledge.

As one can expect, she is the nemesis of Hamoria, and they are the only example of two gods within the same alignment waging war on each other. Her cult are the Shadowed Men, and they are planted across the Dragon Empire collecting knowledge for their mistress. Some suspect that the Prince of Shadows is her High Priest – indeed some stories suggest the Prince has had some dealing with the Shadowed Men.