Hamoria: The God of Knowledge, Fate, Enlightenment, Magic and Self Determination

1To Hamoria, knowledge is everything. It doesn’t matter whether that knowledge could be considered “good” or “evil”. Just the act of knowing it is important to him. And he will go to great lengths to acquire any knowledge he does not already possess. This single mindedness has caused a great deal many catastrophes in the world…as well as fortunate events. Just like most of the followers of Porodomy, it is hard to pin Hamoria’s morality down once you get past his grotesque appearance.

Hamoria is the patron of those that want to advance themselves. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at any cost. Just if you want to better yourself, and you don’t want to be bound by the restrictions of Iblicefe, then you will pray to Hamoria. Many sorcerers also pay heed to Hamoria, for there is few knowledge that Hamoria loves more than the arcane.

Hamoria’s realm is the Great Library, a collection of tomes and scripts that stretch across an immeasurable amount. Every piece of knowledge that Hamoira has collected is archived here…and it is coveted by mages and scholars. Some adventurers have even had the (mis)fortune of entering Hamoria’s realm. Some have never left.