Aluxae: The Goddess of the Stars, Dusk, Astral Travelers, Wanderers, Sailors and Explorers

9Those that travels in new and strange lands will often mutter a quick prayer to Aluxae each morning. She is the traveler’s goddess, keeping an eye on those that dare to change the world by putting one foot in front of the other. Sea travelers also pay head to her, for she holds sway over the stars that they use to travel by night.

And there are the Astral Travelers, those that traverse beyond the planes of reality. They invoke her name in order to do so and often pass through her realm as they explore the uncharitable existences.

Out of all the Dark Gods, Aluxae has the most reverence and her temples are the most common in the cities. Unlike any of the other Dark Gods, it is hard to take a negative slant at Aluxae’s domain. After all she protects travelers! And that is a very broad stroke. Still, her association with the Dark Gods does create some stigma. Guilty by association and all that.