The Gods

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There has always been, and always will be, two forces in the universe. The force of perseveration, Anu, and the force of change, Porodomy. The dance between these two forces spurred forth the creation of the heavenly and mortal realms. Anu was disgusted at this new discovery, as it saw it as a perversion of what was once a beautiful silent realm. Porodomy saw the new spheres of creation as places of bountiful potential. Porodomy spurred Anu into creating something, saying it was obviously the true creator of the universe. Thus Anu was tricked into creating the Seventeen Deities.

For a time Porodomy was alone, having to deal with the both Anu and its creations. But Anu held resentment towards Porodomy and would often take that frustration out on its children. It didn’t take much prodding from Porodomy for nine of the Gods to leave the graces of Anu and join with Porodomy. From this point on those that remain with Anu would be known as the Gods of Light while those that aligned with Porodomy would be called the Gods of Darkness.