The Pale Legions


The armies that fly the Lich King’s banner are known as the Pale Legions, so named for the grim color of their armor. At the moment it is rare to see any of the Legionnaires outside of the Fangs. It is the early days of the Lich King’s campaign. No one is going to mistake the Lich King as being complacent, however: a time will come when the Lich King will march with his full strength. The Dragon Emperor would be more than glad to sail upon Necropolis, but the Orc Lord requires his immediate attention. But for now the Lich King waits its time, and the Pale Legions keep their lonely vigil.

iblhxS2C6bV3fq 3rd Level Troop

It would be a mistake to imagine any of the Pale Legion as a mindless cadaver that walks. A good deal of the Pale Legion do have their rotting flesh still clinging to their bones. There is a good reason for the lack of skeletons in the Lich King’s army – skeletons are stupid. Zombies, on the other hand, could not possibly be further from the truth. Excusing circumstances where the corpse’s mind would be…damaged, the zombie would be just as intelligent as it was in life.

No Legion moves like a horde. On the contrary, every Legionnaire is a well-trained, disciplined gear in the war machine. Each Legion numbers around roughly 10,000 bodies, with each legion split into 10 Decem (1,000 bodies), and that Decem is split into ten Chapters (100 bodies). The average Legionnaire can easily best any average soldier from the living.

Initiative: +7

HP       50

AC      21
PD     18
MD     14

[Passive] All are One: For each Legionnaire in the fight, every Legionnaire gains an extra 3 HP.

Assorted Weaponry: +7/9 vs AC – 9/11 damage.

Note: 7/9 for ranged attacks, 9/11 for melee attacks.

If a target is outnumbered by the amount of Legionnaires targeting it, all Legionnaires deal 1 Miss Damage on misses.

6th Level Leader

The Certurios are the commanding officers of the Pale Legion. Rarely are they selected from outside any of the Legions, as the Certurios know their men and are likely to have earned the respect of them. Rising Certurios may also be sent to command other Chapters within the Legion. It is unlikely for any Certurio to be sent outside the Legion he rose in. Each Certurio is well armed, and is likely to have received special training. Each Certurio will have on their person several dread runes, allowing them some capability of magic.

Initiative: +11

HP       100

AC      24
PD     18
MD     14

[Passive] Commanding Presence: All Legionnaires are boosted with a +4 to their damage rating while they are in the presence of the Certurio. This effect does not stack.

Black Blade: +10 vs AC – 20 damage

Natural Odd Hit or Miss: All nearby Legionnaires get a +2 to their to Hit until the Certurio’s next turn.

Rune of Haljik: Target Legionnaire becomes immune to knockdown effects for the next turn, as well as one of the following effects:

1 – 10: Next attack will hit.

11 – 14: Heal for amount rolled.

15 – 20: Next attack is a critical hit, if it lands.

Rune of Keletor: +7 vs MD: The target’s lungs feels cold, as if a bucket of freezing water was poured down. Target can only do a standard melee or ranged attack; special abilities are restricted for the next turn.

6th Level Wrecker

Each Chapter has at least one Immune amongst its number. The Immune could be considered as a specialist Legionnaire, but that really doesn’t truly define them. A good way to describe them would be to say just how different from the Centurio – the Centurio leads. He commands, he learns his troops, he demands respect. The Immune on the other hand does none of these things. The Immune is a lone soldier, but he is a necessity to the the Chapter. In contrast to his undead brethren that walk and fight as one, he fights as he pleases. This makes it hard for the Legion to be predicted, for the enemies of the Lich King to be known. And that makes the Immune dangerous.

Initiative: +13

HP       130

AC      22
PD     18
MD     14

[Passive] Deliberative Effects – If any enemy is at less than health health, and if the Immune is still alive, then all Legionnaires gains a +4 to their hit rating.

Curved Blade: +10 vs AC – 16 damage

If a natural hit occurs, the Immune can use Flurry of Attacks instantly.

Flurry of Attacks (2 attacks): +12 vs AC – 18 damage each

Counter Attack – When the Immune is declared the target of a melee attack, the Immune can enter a defensive position. If the attack misses, then he immediately strikes back at the opponent, dealing 10 damage.

6th Level Caster

It would be a mistake to confuse the Seraph with the Necromancer. Both deal in the Dread School of Magic, but you should consider the Necromancer as a sort of priest. The Seraphs are the Soldier-Mages of the Legions, a center of arcane energies that are a death sentence to the Lich King’s enemies. However the Seraphs are used sparingly, mostly because raising a mage from the dead is a difficult process. It can take months to carefully reweave all of the lifelines that attaches a mage’s soul to its material form. As such the Seraphs are often kept behind lines, using their knowledge in the arcane to assist the Legions indirectly. When they do show up on the battlefield it is often directly on the orders of either a Dread Lord or the Lich King himself.

Initiative: +11

HP      100

AC      21
PD      15
MD     20

Send Forth Spirit: The Seraph sends out a projection of itself. The Seraph and its Spirit can attack different targets or they can focus on a single one. However, many of the Seraph’s abilities are weakened when the Spirit is out. The Spirit cannot be hurt in any way. It dies when the Seraph dies or is recalled.

Staff: +8 vs AC – 14 damage

On a natural 20, the staff releases a wave of energy that pushes all enemies in “close” range to “nearby” range. This also allows the Seraph to disengage from an enemy without any penalties.  If the Seraph uses a melee attack then the Spirit can do nothing.

Return Again: +10 vs MD – Target is healed for 4d8 and all nearby enemies are damaged for half.

Spirit: Target is healed for 2d8 and all nearby enemies are damaged for half.

Dread Shield: A shield of dark energy that encircles the target. The shield absorbs equal to 20 +  2d10. After d4 turns or when it has absorbed all the damage it releases the energy for damage equal to what it absorbed.

Spirit: Shield absorbs 2d8. Lasts for d4 turns.

Necrotic Wave: + 15 vs MD – 30 damage. The Spirit is consumed, and in return the Seraph releases  a watery wave of souls that attack all in their path. All enemy targets must roll vs MD. The Spirit cannot be summoned for the rest of the battle, and a Seraph cannot either call forth a Spirit or use a Necrotic Wave for another 3 turns.

Dread WarriorTUCHARBRA
4th Level Troop

Death comes to us all, but it is not always a release. For some of the Valamari, death is just another step. Some are chosen by the Woods to become eternal spirits known as the Tuchabra. The Tuchabra are guardian spirits that acts as the Woods’ front line troops. As they were once Human they are most often the ones to interact with the mortals, in both diplomacy and in matters of war. It is often debated if any of the Tuchabra are spirits in the technical sense; some would argue that they are closer to being specters than as denizens of the Woods. However this is often counteracted with the fact that only Valamari have ever been a Tuchabra. If they were full on spectres than the rule would apply to any mortal that died within the Woods. For now the technicalities are highly debated upon. The fact remains that the Tuchabras’ loyalties lie with the Woods and the spirits that lie within.

Initiative: +8

HP    62

AC    21
PD    18
MD    20

Spectral Blade +10 vs AC – 13 damage

Natural Even Hit: The energy surrounding the blade lashes out, dealing 4 damage to a single random nearby target.
Natural Even Miss: The Tuchabra gets a +2 AC bonus.
Natural Odd Hit: The next melee attack is guaranteed to hit!
Natural Odd Miss: The Tuchabra gains a +2 to its to Hit for the next turn.