The Crusade


From the North came the sigil of the Fist. From the North came Xerhemies, whom was once one of the Valamari, who would become known as the Crusader. With his devout followers he marched against the servants of Lihilim, bringing war to their burning doors. When he declared his open allegiance to Valheus Mora the Cathedral brought its might down upon him…and his Crusade withstood it. A hundred years have passed, and the Crusader still marches on, and his Crusade swells with recruits.

The Crusade is Eternal: Every time a member of the Crusade falls, their still standing companions increase their Hit by 1.

3rd Level Trooper

knight_by_motise-d7glux6The bulk of Xerhemies’ Crusade, the Blackguard are the hammer that strikes at the demons of the Abyss. They come from all walks of life, and it is a hard thing to say that they are evil. Some were knights of the Empire that felt that the true threat was the Demons rather than the Orcs or some petty Lord. Others were those that possessed a personal vendetta against the Demons. A few of the Aasimar are are also included within their ranks. However all of them are well trained and are at least modestly equipped. The Crusader will not suffer any weak soldiers within his ranks. The lowest among them are capable fighters; their commanders will have inscriptions carved into their armor.

Sword and Shield

HP    67
AC    20
PD    13
MD    16

INI: + 4

Long Sword: +7 vs AC – 5 damage

Shield Assault: +4 vs PD – 3 damage and target is stunned for 1 turn.

Great Weapon

HP    50
AC    18
PD    11
MD    16

INI: + 4

Great Weapon: +9 vs AC – 12 damage

Sunder: +16 Natural To Hit. The attack damages the armor, taking away 2 AC until the end of the fight. Can only be applied twice per target.

Pummel Bash: +7 vs AC – 2 damage and disorients target.

3rd Level Scrapper

The Black Guard may be the iconic core of the Crusade, but the Shadow Rangers represent a necessary component of any fighting force. After the Elves proved the strength of the archers, every fighting force of any worth have followed suit. The Crusade is no exception. The Shadow Rangers have been integral at keeping the Lihilim’s hordes at bay while the Black Guards led the vanguard on their Hell Gates. The Shadow Rangers are trained in simple, dire magics that allow them to shift from shadow to shadow…and their arrows never seem to miss their mark.

HP    37
AC    17
PD    11
MD   14

INI: +6

Bolt of Demon’s Tooth: +13 vs AC – 11 damage

On Miss: Deals 3 damage

Prey on the Unwary: Attacks dealt on those that rolled less than 10 on Initiation have an added +3 vs AC.

Shattering of the Tooth: Starting at Escalation +3, and able to occur at every odd numbered level, the arrow head can break on impact and deal half damage to all nearby enemies.

beast_masterHOUND LORD
3rd Level Support

In the time of when Xerhemies was still a young man, it was said that the Valamari used vicious beasts in battle. Whether truth or fabrication, the Crusade possesses individuals known as the Hound Lords that know just how to train and prepare hounds for battle. They in of themselves are weak and ineffective soldiers, merely possessing a simple whip. It is their pets that make them deadly.

HP    50
AC    15
PD    10
MD   10

INI: +5

Master and Hound [Passive]: Any damage done to either the Hound Lord or his Hound is divided between them.

Whip: +7 vs AC: 9 damage

On Escalation Die +3, gives Hound +1 vs AC on next turn.

Kill Order: +10 vs PD – The Hound charges at an opponent. If successful the target is knocked to the floor and is Stunned for the next turn. The Hound will use Gore.

Frenzy: The Hound gains a +3 to damage for its next attack.

Careful Boy!: The Hound gains +3 to AC for next 1d3 turns.

sketch_by_atenebris-d3ckr6b3rd Level Scrapper

HP    50
AC    13
PD    13
MD   9

Teeth Against Steel [Passive]: Hounds suffer 3 damage penalty against Ironforged and heavily armored opponents.
Teeth Tear Flesh [Passive]: Hounds gain a 2 critical range extender against targets in Light Armor.

Bite: +10 vs AC – 11 damage

Festering Wound: Any Gored target takes an extra 3 damage from Bite.

Gore: (3 attacks) – 2d3 damage

The target is now Gored, and Bite does additional damage.

Rabid: +8 vs AC – 6 ongoing bleeding damage (hard save ends, 16+).

Tear Tendon: +8 vs PD – The target is now immobilized for the next 2 turns.

287379396bd6d958078c6fad2acc87c2-d9mv2f5THE KNIGHT OF SMOKE
7th Level Double Strength Spoiler

The first of Xerhemies’ Knights, but the least in power and prestige. The wielder of the smog edge can travel across a battlefield in an instant. He leaves in his trail a cloud of soot, that leaves all gasping for breath. A devilish knight, that holds little worth in honorous combat and values victory for his Lord above all else. The least trusted and respected of all the knights within the Crusade.

HP    180
AC    26
PD    19
MD   15

INI: +12

Smoke and Dust: Whenever the Knight of Smoke disengages from a target, roll +12 vs PD. If successful, the target is trapped in smoke and can only do Basic Attacks for one turn (two at Escalation +4).

The Brotherhood is My Sword: So long as the Knight of Thorns is standing, the Knight of Smoke is able to use Spew Smoke as a quick action if he rolls 10+.

The Smog Edge: +15 vs AC – 47 damage

15 – 20 Roll: Dazes the target, causing -4 attack (negated by hard save, 16+).

Spew Smoke: +9 vs PD – Causes the target to suffer from 12 ongoing poison damage. Repelled by rolling a hard save (16+) or using a Recovery.

THE KNIGHT OF THORNSada0cb9714e3223e8cd95da21a584f17-d97uhab
7th Level Double Strength Leader

The second to be awarded Knighthood within the Crusade, and the one who is most within Xerhemies’ confidence. The Knight of Thorns has covered his armor and weapons in sharp blades, so that none may approach him without endangering themselves. This gives him free reign to deal out the Black Justice as he wishes. None among the Crusade considers honor more integral than the Knight of Thorns.

HP    270
AC    23
PD    23
MD   18

INI: +9

My Armor is My Weapon: Any nearby target with less than 36 HP take 1d8 extra damage when attacking the Knight of Thorns.

The Brotherhood is My Sword: The Knight of Thorns gives a constant buff to both the Knight of Smoke and the Knight of Cinders.

Namesake: Whenever the Knight of Thorns is struck by a Critical Hit, he takes 20 damage off and the attacker is hurt for that much instead.

The Razor Blade: +13 vs AC – 36 damage

e3b62ff1e68ce3c42f536d93f693d192-d9sdad2THE KNIGHT OF CINDERS
7th Level Double Strength Wrecker

The newest of Xerhemies’ dreaded knight, the one entitled with “Cinder”, had his soul entwined with that of a demonic prince. Power erupts from his flesh, and the commissioned armor was engineered to preserve both the man and the devil within. A ferocious display on the battlefield, there is little that both man and all but the most powerful of fiends can do to withstand his wrath.

HP    160
AC    21
PD    22
MD   16

INI: +14

The Brotherhood is My Sword: So long as the Knight of Thorns is standing, the Knight of Cinders is able to make the Burning Blade deal 16 ongoing damage (dispelled by hard save, 16+) whenever the Escalation Die is odd.

The Flame Grows: As the battle goes on, the Knight of Cinders becomes stronger. He benefits from half of the Escalation Die, rounded down.

The Burning Blade: +18 vs AC – 31 damage

Hit Even – Deals a bonus 20 damage (so 51 total).
Hit Odd – Future attacks by the Knight of Cinders ignores 2 AC. All future occurrences increase this by 1.
Miss Even – Deals 7 miss damage.
Miss Odd – Spew smoke from armor, adding a +3 to AC.

3rd Level Trooper

CR_Page_274_Image_0003Every society makes use of guardsmen and soldiers to secure their borders. Even a village that most would consider to have no strategic value whatsoever will probably have someone in some manner of armor about. And cultures that could be defined as warrior cultures would have their fair share of individuals that are especially adept at the art of warfare. Unless you go into the deepest woods of the realm you’re unlikely to NOT encounter an armed guard or two. Or twenty.

HP    50
AC    20
PD    14
MD    12

INI + 3

Choose from the list of potential basic attack types.

Sword and Shield

Longsword: +8 vs AC – 10 damage

Precision: On natural 14+ hit or miss, next attack will target PD instead of AC.


Halberd Strike: +10 vs AC – 8 damage

Slowing Strike: +16 Natural hit: The next turn the target is reduced by 1 on the Initiation track.

Intercept: When an enemy goes past the Guardsman that is not in conflict with said Guardsman, roll a d20. If it is beats the PD of the moving enemy, the Guardsman intercepts the enemy, forcing the target to fight the Guardsman on the next turn and ends its turn.


Ranged Shot: +11 vs AC – 7 damage

Lasting Wound: On an natural 20 hit, the projectile is stuck in the target. Ongoing bleeding damage of  3 damage per turn, hard save 16+ ends.



4th Level Wrecker

Fire is the lifeblood of civilization. The Dragon Empire being named after the purveyor of the flame is testament to that. A group of knights were burnt out by a blaze, divinely produced, and now wander the landscape. Their sightings are infrequent, and they rarely approach cities. Their voice is just noise; indistinguishable from fever dreams.

HP    90
AC    19
PD    17
MD   13

INI: +9

Burnt Sword: +11 vs AC – 13 damage

Even Hit: Burns the target, weakening the target’s hit by 4 (hard save, 16+).

A Powerful Strike: 2 Attacks, +13 vs Ac – 9 damage

Even + Odd Roll: The Knight strikes at the opponent with it’s fist, dealing 6 bonus damage.

Odd + Even Roll: Can use Flame Lance as a Free Action on a new target.

Flame Lance: +11 vs PD – 17 damage against 1d3 Nearby targets.

6th Level Wrecker

1ec8f82253c6ef0e6f03e46357ceb5fd-d9sv3svThe greatest lie the Dark Wraiths ever told was that they didn’t exist. History did most of the work for them – their origins have been forgotten in the Ages. Adelaide may not even know the full extent of how the Wraiths came to be. The Dark Wraiths travel the Multiverse, killing and converting corruptible souls to their cause. They hunted monsters, but the hunt changed them into monsters themselves.

HP    120
AC    24
PD    18
MD   22

INI: +12

Fear: All targets must have at least 30 HP or suffer -4 to attack and not be able to benefit from the Escalation Die.

Power Through Murder: The more damage the Dark Wraith deals in battle, the stronger it becomes.

Blood For Life: Every 3rd time the Dark Wraith is hit, it heals 16 HP.

Shadow Blade: +10 vs AC (2 attacks) – 11 damage

Odd Miss: 4 damage is dealt and the target’s AC is reduced by 2 for one turn.

Power Through Murder: 40 damage – Whenever striking with the Shadow Blade, the Wraith can strike at another nearby target from a distance for half damage. Still needs to beat AC.

Your Life is Mine: +12 vs PD – The Dark Wraith grabs a Nearby target by the throat and steals d12 HP.

Power Through Murder: 30 damage – The afflicted target suffers from having 4 HP sapped from him every turn (hard save ends, 16+).

Shield Breaker (Quick Action): Every time the Dark Wraith has dealt 40 damage, it is able to ignore the AC of one target for a single round.

Power Through Murder: 60 damage – Shadow Blade now deals critical damage when used following Shield Breaker.

the_pursuer_by_artsed-d7lbiuaTHE HUNTERS
6th Level Wrecker

There are somethings that need to be buried in the past. For such secrets, fatal curiosity comes in the form of the Hunters. Nothing known of their origin, except they carry with them the weapons of their conquered. They are heavily armored, and for what few tales of them exist, none of them have ever ended with a Hunter being felled by their prey.

HP    160
AC    25
PD    20
MD   17

INI: +10

Massive Sword: +13 vs AC 27 damage

Shield Bash: +11 vs AC – 16 damage

Can be used as a free action to follow up an attack from the Massive Sword. This can be done 1d3 times. If the Massive Sword hits, then the Shield Bash does damage automatically – no need to roll to hit.

Barbed Spear: +12 vs PD – 10 damage and 10 ongoing bleeding damage (hard save ends, 16+, recovery also ends).



7th Level Double Strength Mooks

It was in a forgotten age, where Duthemviir had lapsed in his duties,  that enigmous sorcerers gathered a legion of warriors to safeguard the gateway to the Abyss. Known thenceforth as the Abyss Watchers, robbed in cinder, they have entrusted themselves with a vigil over the Abyss. Through waning powers, and collapsing civilization, their blades have endured.

HP    150
AC    25
PD    19
MD   14

INI: +16 (The number of mooks should be equal to the players)

Waves of Daggers: The Abyss Watchers wield a great sword in one arm, and a dagger in the other. Even if they miss an attack, the dagger will find its mark and deal 4 damage.

Immortality: Unlike other mooks, that share a health pool and are removed from the game when a certain amount of damage is dealt to the group, the Abyss Watchers will never die until all their health is depleted.

Cursed Great Swords: +9 vs AC – 17 damage

On Escalation +2, +4 and +6, deals bonus damage equal to triple of the escalation level.

When staggered the Abyss Watchers ignite their blades, dealing 6 ongoing burn damage (hard save ends, 16+).

artorias_by_circuitdruid-d8ja1irTHE FORGOTTEN KNIGHT
7th Level Double Strength Wrecker

Before the legend of the Abyss Watchers were forgotten, there was a Knight that stood against the Abyss. Entwined with his love, the Wolf, he left everything behind to stop the Abyss. He has faded from memory, and none remember him…except for the Wolf. The Knight has been twisted by the Abyss, and is just as much it’s enemy as he is a part of that hellish landscape.

HP    200
AC    27
PD    22
MD   17

INI: +18 (The Knight goes twice in a round, so roll two d20s.)

Writhing Arm: The Knight’s left arm has been changed by the Abyss.  Each of the Knight’s abilities have a bonus that applies if it hits certain conditions. At Escalation round +4 they always apply.

Flight: Demonic wings sprout from the Knight’s back at Escalation +4, allowing him to traverse the battlefield with ease.

Force of Will: The Knight constantly heals whenever any of his opponents make an action. Basic attacks and quick actions heal the least, at 7 HP. Using a power or spell give the Knight 14 HP, while using a recovery increases the healing effects by 4 for the next turn. Landing a critical hit will stop the regeneration attack for the next turn. The adventurers will need to coordinate their attacks in order to take down the Knight!

Greatsword of the Fangs: +14 vs AC – 64 damage

Writhing Arm: d20 +12  – The Arm takes on a tentacular form and wraps itself around the head of the target, draining 12 HP.

Iron Whirlwind: +16 vs AC ; 1d3 nearby targets; 44 damage

Writhing Arm: Even Hit – As the Knight spins around with deadly force, the Arm becomes a spiked, fleshy whip that incurs 7 ongoing poison damage (hard save ends, 16+).

Wave of Energy: +12 vs PD; 1d3 nearby targets; 29 damage and inflicts the Dazed status.

Writhing Arm: Was recently the target of a critical strike or lost 50 HP – The Arm transforms into a massive claw that sends the nearest target flying and deals 16 damage.