Living relics of a forgotten Age, the Ingressians are sentient machines that precede the Ironforged. By how much nobody knows. Their indecipherable language also makes it difficult to tell just how sentient the Ingressian are. Emanating from it’s chest is a swirling mass of energy, kaleidoscopic in color and swirls in a multitude of directions. From it the Ingressian can summon a multitude of creatures, weapons, or even direct the energy into a dangerous and deadly beam.

Large 6th Level Wrekcer
Initiative: + 10

LARGE IRON FIST: +11 vs AC – 37 Damage

Natural over 10: If the Ingressian has drawn the Impossible Weapon, it may strike with it as well.

AN IMPOSSIBLE WEAPON: From its chest the Ingressian draws forth a weapon that changes shape every turn. The shape is dependent on the highest roll that occurred on the previous turn. If this would result in the same shape two turns in a row, the GM is allowed to choose a new shape at his discretion.

1-8: A Corrosive Blade – The Weapon turns an olive green and twists itself into a long and sharp blade. +13 vs AC – 10 Damage + 6 Damage on next turn.

9-16: A Burning Whip – The Weapon constricts itself thinly and is kindled. It has a very long reach that can strike at Far Away targets. +10 vs AC – 14 damage.

17-20: A Thunderous Spear – The Weapon elongates into a spear that crackles with energy. Any target struck must perform a saving throw or be paralyzed on next turn. +15 vs AC – 12 damage.

FOCUSED ENERGY BEAM: +15 vs PD – 19 Damage

Reduces damage of target by 3 x Escalation Die

THE IO: A ball of energy, known as the Io, slips thru the Ingressian’s chest. The Io provides the Ingressian with many boons and benefits. This occurs at Escalation +3.

AC    23
PD    16
MD   20

HP    170

nethile_lgTHE IO

3rd Level Support

The actions of the Io is dependent on the current escalation round.

The Io is immune to all critical hits and status effects.

+4: The Io sacrifices some of its own energy to supplement the Ingressian. It loses 10 health and provides the Ingressian with a +4 to all Hit rolls and increases the damage by half of the current escalation die. The Io will do this again when the escalation die hits +6. When it hits +7 this will become a permanent action until combat has concluded or the Io is dead, whichever comes first.

+5: The Io changes the rules of space time, and allows a mirror image of the Ingressian to strike at another opponent anywhere on the map for half of the damage. The Ingressian must land a hit for this to apply. At +7 this happens every turn.

+6: The Io redirects the damage given to the Ingressian back into itself.  The Ingressian becomes immune to that damage type on the next turn, while the Io would receive a guaranteed critical hit from that damage type…once. At +7 this only occurs if a critical hit on the Ingressian.

AC    10
PD    1
MD   1

HP    100