When the Halflings arrived from the South, beyond the now impassable Red Wastes, they arrived on two things: little wagons and the massive Amtellas. Ever since these docile herbivores have become just as ingrained into Imperial society as the Halflings. The Amtellas are fantastic transport animals, able to hold up to one hundred times their size. They are also able to traverse on just about any terrain – jagged rocks prove or rocky roads have been no issue for them. They are also easy to train and are very cooperable beasts, so long as they are not abused by their owners.

However they are also very slow unless they are provoked. In which case they will run, very fast, in just about any direction they choose. That can make them dangerous in strong numbers. Amtella stampedes have proven to be the death of many merchant bands.

Large 2nd Level Troop
Initiative: +6

LEG SWIPE +8 vs AC – 8 damage

STAMPEDE – 14 damage

Instead of acting like an attack, this should act like a stunt. Stampedes can happen at any time, and it is probably up to the GM to make the call when an Amtella gets scared enough to run off and possibly hit a PC very, very hard. It is suggested that this ability be used with a group of Amtellas. For just a singular Amtella, use Leg Swipe.

AC    16
PD    17
MD   11

HP    55


Within the Empire there are few beasts more treasured than the Dragoshi Hound. These creatures were once hounds that were starved for weeks, and were finally given meats that were injected with dragon blood. After months this transformed the dogs into the Dragoshi. The transformation is far more than physical; the Dragoshi are also fiercely intelligent and loyal to their masters. Don’t think of them as sentient creatures, although some especially emotional masters would think as such. But they do understand words at a far greater degree than the average hound.

They are also very territorial, and it can take years for a Dragoshi Master to train his pack to work in coordination. But the payoff is worth it, and a league of Dragoshi Hounds and their Masters is a fearful sight on the battlefield. Some especially patriotic Imperials say that it is the Dragoshi alone that keeps the Elves in their forest.

Medium 3rd Level Troop
Initiative: + 6
TOOTH AND CLAW +8 vs AC – 12 damage

Leaping Bite – Natural Even hit. +3 damage. The Dragoshi Hound leaps at its target, dealing additional damage.


AC    16
PD    14
MD   15

HP    67



The preferred mount of the Dark Elves,  the Sahkrish are large lizards that have been bred for loyalty and travel. Sahkrish are able to traverse the terrain of the Underworld, and with their acute senses are able to warn their rider of approaching danger.

Although their ancestors had their more aggressive behaviors filtered out through breeding, the modern day Sahkrish are more than capable of defending themselves.