It is said that the Cotholins were the reason that the 4th Age came to an end, when the now nameless Archmage of that time accidentally summoned them to this realm. Myths aside, it is agreed that the Cotholins are very dangerous creatures, with vile intent and telekinetic prowess. The only good thing about a Cotholin is that they are always seen alone. Any encounter with a Cotholin is one nobody is likely to forget.

THE UNSEEN SHIELD: The Cotholin is never fully damaged by any single attack. At the beginning of every turn, the GM rolls a d6. The result of that d6 reduces all damage from every attack for that round. The Cotholin will always take at least 1 point of damage. This shield can be destroyed when it has absorbed 30 damage. Critical hits go through the shield, but do not apply towards its limit.

ELDRITCH PRESENCE: The Cotholin makes all spells and powers performed by PCs suffer a -3 penalty at all times. This is not applied towards the damage, only towards the hit roll. If the Unseen Shield is destroyed, then this penalty is reduced to just -1.

TUNNELING PROWESS: Cotholins can burrow underground and move with incredible ease. As a quick action the Cotholin can move into Engaged range with any other target anywhere on the field.

SHARP CLAWS: +8 vs AC – 16 damage

Natural +10: Deals 4 poison damage.

TENTACLE WHIP: +9 vs PD – Deals 6 damage and causes all actions to deal 2 damage until the player rolls a +11. The player moves? 2 damage. Tries to grab something? 2 damage. Try to cast a spell, utilize a power or just simply whacking the Ctholin with a big sword? 2 damage. The GM could apply this to real world actions as well if he was feeling especially vicious. Can be dispelled by using 2 recoveries if the player fails two saving rolls.

AC    19
PD    14
MD   21

HP    64