Factions and Organizations


Imperial House

It is the House of Malann that rests upon the Enkindled Seat, and holds the most authority within the Human domains. The Dragon Emperor Xerxes is the head of the House, as is his right. The influence of the Dragon Emperor is far and wide. There is not a man alive who would not recognize the emblem of the Dragon. However, the Imperial House would not be influential if all it did was flaunt its superiority. After all, in the Thrirtenth Age one has power by keeping it. As such the Imperial House keeps a close leash on its Hunters.

Imperial Guard

Just as anyone would recognize the insignia of House Malann, everyone knows the burning sword of justice belongs to the Imperial Guard. Built from the armies of Darvos the Conqueror, the men and women of the Imperial Guard fight tooth and nail against all of the dangers of the world. They fight against the Crusader, against the Demons, against the servants of the Three, the ravaging Orc Hordes, and countless other threats to the Davrosii Imperium. The majority of the Imperial Guard is recruited from the cities, as there are few nobles there for citizens to swear fealty to. As such the Imperial Guard is entirely loyal to the Emperor and the Empire which he rules.

The Enkindled Houses

By the words of Davros the Conqueror, one can only hold power if he has the strength for it. Blood is not power…but it can certainly help. The Enkindled Houses are as close to nobility as anyone can get. They do not claim relations to any relatives of Davros. They are just families that have held onto their lands far longer than anyone else. They do it through deceit, through money lending, alliances, and sometimes through good old fashioned war. But they are firmly entrenched in their lands, and they are not losing their power anytime soon.

The Merchant Princes

The Nobles may rule – for however long – but the flowing of crowns is the true blood of the Imperium. The Merchant Princes do not rule. They have no lands, they do not receive taxes, and they do not have heraldry. But they have power. It takes money to pay for men, to hire artisans. And taxes can only go so far. The Merchant Princes are more than willing to lend money. They also more than willing to charge interest. More and more nobles lose everything from a piece of paper than the sword.


Secrets lie at the heart of any civilization, and despite what the Halfling say secrets can kill. That is the purpose of the Hunters; they root out the corruption that lies within the Empire. They do not act openly; in fact, only the Emperor Himself knows the names of each of his Agents. They mingle amongst the populous, dressed as them, and sometimes will even work for the corrupt officials that they intend to bring down. The fact that the Hunters even exist is enough to bring pause to some. After all, sooner or later, a Hunter will come after you. And what will you do then?

Order of the Rising Sun

Humanity may be reaching into the future, working in conjunction with the other races, but there are those that want to cling to the old ways. Before the Progressives took their roots in Humanity’s psyche, there was a period in which any non-Human was completely excluded from Human lands. This was Ages past, but for certain individuals this was the right of it. After all, Humanity flourished in previous Ages. And Humanity is doing well enough. For now. The Order of the Rising Sun is a society of nobles who want a return to the old ways. And they will do whatever it takes to achieve that.


Khaz Techovae

For as long as Human historians have been allowed the privilege to the Dwarven Annals, Khaz Techova has ruled the Dwarves. It was an unquestionable fact. But now that fact is in question after the massive failure of the War of the Gate. The War has implanted a shame on Khaz Techovae so vast that Dwarves probably don’t even have a word for it. And Khaz Akovsky is eyeing the prize.

Khaz Akovsky

The Akovskian line runs deep – arguably just as deep as that of Khaz Techovae. Techovae was a mercantile house – respect earned gold, one could say. Akovsky’s respect was drowned in blood from the very beginning. It is curious that the two families have been allies for as long as they have. But many of the Akovsky line perished in the War, and the young Kopor Akovsky no longer believes in the sanctity of the Techovae line. Iron is more trustworthy than gold.

Dwarven Carta

When a Dwarf has lost all respect, when his Khaz turns their backs to him, what can he do? He will probably join the Carta, which is probably the oldest crime organization in the world. And just like the rest of Dwarven society, the Carta followed them from Underhome. Now rumors say the Carta is starting to spread across the rest of the continent. And not with just the occasional agents here and there, to represent their interests. Hostile takeovers, if one believes the rumors.

The Damned

There is another option for a Dwarf that has lost everything. He can become one of the Damned and give his life so that his Khaz may remember him fondly. None of the Damned have, on record, died of old age. They all died on the battlefield, with a weapon in their hands.

The Reclaimers

A rebellious faction said to be orchestrated by Khaz Okovsky’s pockets, the Reclaimers are Dwarves dedicated to taking back Underhome at all costs. Hit and run tactics, planting explosives within Draven cities and ambushing their caravans; the Reclaimers know full well they can’t take on the Dark Elves head on. So they attack from the side, and from behind, using any sort of “dishonorable” tactic in the book. Although not hated by the Dwarves – and King Techovae certainly doesn’t shudder at the thought of a few dead Dark Elves – the Reclaimers put the rocky peace on a precipice. And the Dwarves are not yet ready for open conflict. So at face Dmitri Techovae considers the Reclaimers to be reckless terrorists and criminals.


The Adamantine Council

In the wake of the Archmage’s ascension, the white hand has become synonymous with sorcery. The Adamantine Council is the “legit” face of the arcane within the Dragon Empire. The moment a student enrolls at any of the Council’s multitude of academies, they are under the Council’s jurisdiction. This may seem totalitarian – and it totally is. However the alternative – witch hunts, fears of wizards going rogue, misconceptions and bigoted lies – makes the Council an unfortunate necessity. The identity of who controls the Council is in question. It is well known that Kilopicus is not attached to worldly concerns. So it is very well possible that the Archmage has little, if any, direction on the Council. So if the Archmage does not rule the Council, then who does?

The Constant Covenant

Not much is known about the Constant Covenant, except for its association with the Lich King. There are suggestions that the Covenant is the descendant of a Magus Circle controlled by Litertius in his natural life. The Covenant is potentially spread across the Empire, and most certainly within Axis. The Emperor’s Hunters keep a vigilant eye out for any possible Covenant activity, but they have proven to be elusive.

The Lihilistic Movement

The Lithilistic Movement is made up of those that want to see the gods burn. Literally. Those that are sworn to the Movement are dictated to seeing Lithil’s obsession – the death of Anu – a reality. The Lithilians are entrenched across the Empire, and have a multitude of independent cells. They have been behind coup d’etats, have nearly ended the world multiple times, assassinated kings and princes, and the world has no idea that they exist. Countless times through history they have scurried into anonymity, only to return to the shadows when the world has forgotten them. The Elf Queen may possess some hints to their existence, but certainly nothing more than that.

The Golden Order

The age of the Golden Order is a hotly debated topic among historians, although a fair amount estimate the  Order’s founding to be around the 6th Age. Carvings of Golden Knights are not an uncommon sight in ruins. However, the Golden Order has fallen into disarray in recent decades. The Burning of Redwood proved to be the nail in the coffin. The Order is scattered, its Knights and Commanders discarded their insignias. The Citadel has become a dusty ruin, home to scavengers and vagabonds. But the stories of the Order remains within the hearts of the populace, and a yearning remains for the Order to rise again.

The Vagabond Lords

It is the way of the Davrosii Imperium to keep your position with power and influence. But some past Lords are not yet willing to give up, even after losing everything. They scurry into the woodlands with what little supporters and wealth they can muster, and they take to banditry. They steal from the powerful, and secure a position for themselves. They form networks, and they become Lords in the wild. They are not of the Imperium, but they become nobles of their own design.