The Thief


#Sneaky Bastard has been overhauled.
#All of the Gadget Ruses have been given a “Gadgeteer” section to show what the Gadgeteer Talent does.
#Sticky Bombs have been given a nerf on the amount of targets.
#The Guile costs of Grenades have gone up from 2 to 4.
#Two new Talents: Critical Mastery and Dirty Tricks.

#Thief has been given a (-1) penalty to using a Longbow and Heavy Crossbow.
#Guile has been given a significant overhaul – it is now much simpler initially, with many of its features transplanted as Feats.
#Steal has been axed.
#Swift as a Shadow has been removed for being downright useless.
#A Poison and a Theft has been removed due to Steal being removed.
#Double Melee Attack has been removed.
#Added several new Gadget Ruse skills: Explosive Powder, Grenades, Explosive Bolas, Burning Cocktail, Deployable Turret and Mortar in the Pack.
#Many existing skills have been reworked.

#Initial Release

Garrett_alphaThe Thief is not charming. He does not play fair. He does not follow the laws of war. He is not chivalrous. He is a Thief. He is a bastard. And he will do whatever it takes to win. He’ll blind you with dust and stab you in the gut. He’ll knock you over the head with a blackjack and then pound your face into the floor. He’ll use gadgets to get the upper hand. He will cheat.

Because he is no rogue. He is a Thief. Simple as that.


Play Style: The Thief is for those players that don’t want their sneaky bastards to be so damn polite. The Thief is not some goody goody charming rogue. He is a bastard. He relies more on gadgets, devious thinking, and using his enemies’ powers against them than the fair play emphasized by other classes. His primary ability is his Steal skill, which has him steal something from the target and gain a one time, unique power.

Ability Scores: Dexterity is essential, no quandaries there. And you definitely need Constitution so that you can actually survive a hit. Intelligence is used for all Gadget Ruses, so if you want your Thief to make use of the various powders and machineries then put an investment in your Intelligence.

Races: Anyone can be a Thief. Just because something is big doesn’t mean it has no desire to cheat and be a bastard doing it.

Backgrounds: Here is a list of suggestions for your Thief’s various backgrounds. I underlined suggestions for a reason. These should be used more as a brainstorming aid rather than an imaginative crutch.

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Icons: Without a shadow of a doubt, the Prince of Shadows is going to be on your Theif’s list of “people to know”. Or to screw over. After that nearly any of the other Icons are fair play. After all, when one assumes power one also accumulates things of value.


When the Thief starts out on his less than illustrious career, he usually starts off with the clothes on his back. Probably a shadowy cloak if he is less than destitute. He could also have some loaded die, or something on his wrist to hold cards beneath his sleeve. Also he will start with either a dagger or a short sword; if you want both that will cost you money during character creation. Finally, give your sneaky bastard whatever knick knacks or non-gameplay related items that fits him. If you come up with more later, don’t fret. Just tell your GM that you will be assuming that he had it to begin with, and if your GM is cool he will be cool.

For money, you can either start with a guaranteed 25 gold or you can take a risk and roll a d6 and multiply that by 10.


Thieves do not prefer to be slowed down – because part of being a Thief is not being seen. And it is kinda hard to not be seen when your armor is making all sorts of noise with every step.

Thief Armor and AC
Type                    Base AC              Atk Penalty

None                     11                           –
Light                     12                          
Heavy                   13                           -2
Shield                   +1                           -1


You would think that a Thief wouldn’t be as good with a weapon as a Rogue. After all, a Rogue practically lives off of the attention. They love to be seen, to go into duels, to show off those flourishes. But the Thief knows the value of a good knife. He knows it because sometimes, shit, you didn’t see that guard come up out of the corner of your eye. Shit happens. That’s why you keep your knife and blackjack on you.

Thieves are also good with the bows, much like the Rangers. In fact they are just as good. Arrows aren’t just a pointed tip anymore. They can be infused with water magic to put out lights, or filled with shadow energy to create a cloud for the Thief to escape. Traditional bows are certainly cumbersome, but mechanical ones that can retract when not in use? That makes training with them worthwhile.

Thief Melee Weapons

One-Handed Two-Handed
Small 1d8 dagger 1d6 club
Light or Simple 1d8 shortsword, bludgeon 1d8 spear
Heavy or Martial 1d8 (-2 atk) longsword, scimitar 1d10 (-2 atk) greatsword

Thief Ranged Weapons

Thrown Crossbow Bow
Small 1d4 dagger 1d4 hand crossbow
Light or Simple 1d6 javelin, axe 1d6 light crossbow 1d6 shortbow
Heavy Martial 1d8 (-1 atk) heavy crossbow 1d8 (-1) longbow

Basic Attacks

Melee Attack
One enemy
Dexterity + Level vs AC
Weapon + Dexterity damage
Damage is equal to level

Ranged Attack
One enemy
Dexterity + Level vs AC
Weapon + Dexterity Damage


Thief Level Total Hit Points Total Number of Feats Ruses Known Pool Available Amount of Guile Gained Per Turn Level-up Ability Bonuses Damage bonus from Ability Score
Level 1 (6 + CON mod) x 3 1 adventurer 4 1st Level 1 Ability modifier
Level 2 (6 + CON mod) x 4 2 adventurer 5 1st Level 1 Ability modifier
Level 3 (6 + CON mod) x 5 3 adventurer 5 3rd Level 2 Ability modifier
Level 4 (6 + CON mod) x 6 4 adventurer 6 3rd Level 2 +1 to 3 abilities Ability modifier
Level 5 (6 + CON mod) x 8 4 adventurer

1 champion

6 5th Level 3 2 x ability modifier
Level 6 (6 + CON mod) x 10 4 adventurer

2 champion

7 5th Level 3 2 x ability modifier
Level 7 (6 + CON mod) x 12 4 adventurer

3 champion

7 7th Level 3 +1 to 3 abilities 2 x ability modifier
Level 8 (6 + CON mod) x 16 4 adventurer

3 champion

1 epic

8 7th Level 4 3 x ability modifier
Level 9 (6 + CON mod) x 20 4 adventurer

3 champion

2 epic

8 9th Level 4 3 x ability modifier
Level 10 (6 + CON mod) x 24 4 adventurer

3 champion

3 epic

9 9th Level 5 +1 to 3 abilities 3 x ability modifier


Ability Bonus +2 Dexterity, Charisma or Intelligence (different from racial bonus)
Initiative DEX mod + Level
Armor Class (light armor) 12 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level
Physical Defense 12 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + Level
Mental Defense 10 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + Level
Hit Points (6 + Con mod) x Level modifier (see level progression chart)
Recoveries (probably) 8
Recovery Dice 1d8 x level + Con mod
Backgrounds 8 points, max 5 in any one background
Icon Relationships 3 points
Talents 3
Feat 1 per level


All Thieves have access to the Steal, Ruse, Guile, Poison, Sneak Attack and Sneaky Bastard features.

Guile: Chances are, if you decide to use a Thief skill, you are going to use some of your Guile. You start off with 12 guile. You can use as low as 2 Guile or as much as 6. You regain Guile at the start of your turn. The actual number is determined by your level; look to your Level Progression chart for specifics.

Adventurer Feat: You gain back 4 Guile the first time you are reduced to half health in the fight. Some people think best when the stakes are high.
Champion Feat:
You now have 16 Guile instead of 12.

Ruse: Ruses are what we are going to call Thief skills. The amount of Ruses that you know is going to be determined by your level. Check out that Level progression chart that you hopefully didn’t scroll past in order to get to the good stuff.

Venom: Some Ruses allow you to use Poison on an enemy. This is the formula for seeing how much damage you deal: Dex Mod + (Level + 1/2/3). The amount of turns this applies for is equal to your Dex mod. Now, take note that unless otherwise stated, the Venom attributes are added on top of any Ruse skills that they are used with. However, that also means that you add the Venom Guile cost on top of the Guile cost of the Ruse.

Sneak Attack: The Thief knows the value of stealth just as well as that charming pansy Rogue does! But…the Thief doesn’t put as much emphasis on the whole attacking whole being sneaky thing. As such he does less damage than the Rogue.

Level Damage
2nd Level +1d4 damage
4th Level +2d4 damage
6th Level +3d4 damage
8th Level +4d4 damage
10th Level +5d4 damage

Remember, the die is added to your existing damage die, it doesn’t replace it.

Sneaky Bastard: I always did think that each class should be given 2 free background points to distribute to something related to their class. This is the Thief’s. Give a thief themed background 2 bonus Background points. Unlike other Talents or Feats, you get these whenever you advance to a new Tier for free.

Champion Feat: If you doing a relationship role that has to deal with your knowledge of the underworld, or how to break into someplace, or anything else that deals with your knowledge of dastardly things, have your Background bonus apply. Even if it shouldn’t. And if it would normally apply, double the bonus.
Epic Feat: You have become a Capa – Crime Lord – of the Criminal Underworld! Your name is feared and respected. You are paid tribute. Welcome to the big leagues. If this doesn’t suit you, work with your GM to give your Thief some other appropriate narrative advancement. Once per session, you can win any Skill check related to your Sneaky Bastard background automatically.


Choose three from the list of talents below. The Thief does not get anymore.


Use up to 6 guile to improve the roll of any of your Gadget Ruses.

Epic Feat: Reduce the cost of the improvement by 2, but keep the benefit. If the cost is 2 then you still need to use at least 1 Guile.

Always a Second Try

Once per battle, when you miss with a Ruse you earn back all of your Guiles.

Champion Feat: This Talent can now be used twice per battle.

If You Fail Once…

When using your bow and arrow if you miss the first time you can re-roll again. You can do this once per battle.

Crossing Over

Choose a Rogue Power that is of equal level to yours.

Friends With Benefits

Once per day you can utilize your pool of contacts to help find information on something. Convince your GM what it is you are trying to find, who your contact is, and why he should be able to do this. If your GM buys it, do a d20 roll with a bonus of your Charisma skill and your Sneaky Bastard Background. If your Sneaky Bastard Background would normally apply, double its value.

Critical Mastery

Whenever you land a Critical Hit, you gain back 2 Guile.

Champion Feat: The amount of Guile you earn back is increased by 2.

Dirty Tricks

At Escalation Die 4+, the Guile cost of your abilities are reduced by half of the value of the Escalation Die.

Champion Feat: Dirty Tricks now activates at Escalation Die 3+.

More Resourceful Than Cunning

Instead of using Dexterity for basic attacks, use Intelligence. This is meant for gadget heavy Thieves.

Brimming With Deceit

You can now hold onto more Guile than is your max. However, for each turn that you have more Guile than you should you lose two of that extra Guile. You always use this extra Guile before you use your normal Guile. There is another drawback: you lose 4/3/2 Guile whenever you are attacked.

Champion Feat: Reduce the penalty of being attacked to 3/2/1.

1st Level Ruses

Sticky Bombs

Daily Skill
Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Gadgeteer: You can spend up to 6 Guile to increase the save DC by 3 (6 = 3, 4=2, 2=1).
Target: 1d3 nearby enemies
Attack: Intelligence + Level vs AC
Damage: 4d10 + Intelligence Mod, remove 1 die for each new enemy hit to a max of 1 dice.

3rd Level Guile            5d10, remove 1 die for each new enemy hit
5th Level Guile            8d10, remove 1 die for each new enemy hit
7th Level Guile            3d4 x 10, remove 1 die for each new enemy hit
9th Level Guile            5d4 x 10, remove 1 die for each new enemy hit

Effect: Throw the bombs at a nearby enemy. This counts as a quick action. You keep the trigger on you, and you can detonate them at will. If you do this on the same turn that you threw the Sticky Bomb, then this will count as a Standard action and end your turn. If you detonate them on a different turn then it counts as a Quick Action and does not consume your turn. The enemy can tear them off with a 14+ save, 10+ if it is a boss. For each enemy the Bombs would damage beyond the first, remove a damage die until you have 1 die.

Adventurer Feat: Sticky Bombs can now be placed on the ground or the floor, acting as triggered mines. There is still the need to hit BUT these sticky mines never count as an action of any kind, allowing a Thief full maneuverability. This only works if an enemy walks in Melee range of the Bombs, though.
Champion Feat:
Expand the range to 1d6 Nearby enemies.
Elite Feat:
Sticky Bombs are now always a Quick Action, even if they are detonated on the same turn that they are thrown at an enemy. Powerful to be sure, but it is a Daily so it’s worth it.


Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 3
Gadgeteer: Spend up to 6 Guile to increase the turn duration of the ongoing damage by an equal amount.
Target: 1d6 Nearby enemies
Attack: Intelligence + Level vs PD
Effect: The Thief throws out a bunch of caltrops, slowing down all nearby enemies in the vicinity. Any enemy that walks over them will take 2 ongoing damage.

Adventurer Feat: If you have the Shadowstep ability, use can use that for the cost of 1 immediately following the use of Caltrops.
Champion Feat:
The amount of damage Caltrops deal is now equal to your Intelligence mod.

Burning Powder

Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 3
Gadgeteer: Spend 3 Guile to add 1 more die.
Single Enemy
Attack: Intelligence + Level vs PD
Damage: 2d6 + Intelligence Modifier

3rd Level Guile            4d6
5th Level Guile            4d10
7th Level Guile            6d12
9th Level Guile            10d12

Effect: The Thief throws some blinding dust into a targets eyes…and since the powder is flammable as well, the Thief tosses in a match and sends the target ablaze.

Adventurer Feat: For 6 Guile, replace Blind with Confusion.
Elite Feat:
For 8 Guile, Blinding Power is also a Venom.


Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Gagdeteer: Spend 2 Guile to affect 1d4 nearby targets.
Target: 1d2 nearby enemies
Attack: Intelligence + Level vs PD
Damage: 1d6 damage + Intelligence Modifier

3rd Level Guile            1d8
5th Level Guile            2d8
7th Level Guile            3d8
9th Level Guile            5d8

Effect: The Thief throws a grenade, dealing damage to a low amount of enemies.

Elite Feat: Grenades now deal 20 ongoing damage over the next 2 turns. They don’t stack.

Evasively Deadly

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 5
Target: Single Enemy
Effect: Always do a Sneak Attack against an opponent, regardless of if you have its attention or not.

Champion Feat: You receive +2 to your AC next round.
Elite Feat:
Add another d4 to your Sneak Attack.

False Strike

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Target: One enemy
Requires: Melee Weapon and Ranged Weapon
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Hit: Melee Weapon + Dexterity Damage with their results divided by Half → Ranged Weapon + Dexterity Damage with their results divided by Half
Effect: The Thief slashes at an opponent, but only to distract them. He leaps away and in midair fires his weapon, dealing reduced damage both times.

Champion Feat: Guile cost is reduced to 3.
Epic Feat: Ranged Weapon deals full Dexterity Damage.

Air of Bolts

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Target: One enemy
Requires: Ranged Weapon
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Hit: Ranged Weapon + Dexterity Damage x 2
Effect: The Thief unleashes a horde of arrows or bolts upon a single target. This depletes his ammunition for the moment. He cannot use a ranged attack for three more rounds.

Champion Feat: Multiply damage by 3.
Epic Feat: The Thief cannot use a ranged attack for two more rounds, instead of three.

Flanking Maneuver

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Special: Must declare before hit die is rolled.
Effect: When the Thief is the target of a melee attack, you can use this ability to add your Dex mod to your AC. Can only be used once per battle.

Adventurer Feat: Can now be used twice per battle.

Scorpion Venom

Venom Skill
Guile Cost: 5
Target: One enemy
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Effect: The enemy is stunned for 1 turn. Each use on the same enemy adds an AC modifier.
2nd Use            AC +2
3rd Use             AC +3
4th Use             AC +4
5th Use             AC +5

Champion Feat: If the enemy dies from the Venom, the Thief gets a free Recovery.

thief_by_diegogisbertllorens-d7i6tni3rd Level Ruses

Explosive Bolas

Standard Action
Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 3
Gadgeteer: Spend 3 Guile to make this a Quick Action.
Target: One enemy
Attack: Intelligence + Level vs PD
Effect: The Thief throws bolas that wraps around an enemy. They explode after a few moments, dealing damage.
Damage: 3d6 + Intelligence mod, and if the attack roll was odd then the explosion is extra powerful, sending the target flying into another enemy for half damage.

5th level           4d6
7th level           6d6
9th level           10d6

Adventurer Feat: The bolas can now either explode or just act naturally wrap themselves around the target, immobilizing it for 1 turn.
Champion Feat: The bolas are now barbed, dealing additional half damage as ongoing for 3 turns.

Flaming Cocktail

Standard Action
Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 3
Gadgeteer: Spend 3 Guile to make the flame even more combustive. The damage lasts for another turn.
Target: 1d3 enemies
Effect: Deals 2d6 + Intelligence Mod fire damage for 3 turns.
5th Level          2d8
7th Level          3d8
9th Level          4d10

Adventurer Feat: The damage now lasts for an additional turn.
Elite Feat: When the Escalation die is at 3+, the cocktails deal double damage each turn.

Surprise Shot

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 2
Target: One enemy
Requires: Ranged Weapon
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs PD
Effect: The enemy is immobilized, not allowed to move for the rest of the turn. This can only be used once per target per battle.

Adventurer Feat: Surprise Shot can now be used twice per target per battle.
Champion Feat: Your Dexterity mod is now equal to the amount of damage you deal.


Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 3
Effect: The Thief instantly moves to attack range of any target that is not at Extreme distance.

Champion Feat: Shadowstep is now a Quick Action.

Viper Blades

Poison Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Target: One enemy
Requires: Melee Weapon
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Hit: Melee Weapon + Dexterity Damage → Poison Damage
Effect: The Thief stabs an opponent with poisoned blades, dealing normal melee damage on top of poison damage.   

Pommel to the Head

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 2
Target: One enemy
Requires: Melee Weapon and to be in a position to do a Sneak Attack
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Effect: Replace your Sneak Attack with a Pommel to the Head, Dazing the enemy for the amount of turns influenced by half of your Dexterity mod.

Adventurer Feat: If you are using a blunted weapon, like a club or mace, you get a +1 bonus.
Champion Feat:
If an enemy is near to you target you can attempt to hit both at the same time. The GM should dictate the new DC depending on surrounding, the awareness of the enemies, and your abilities.
Epic Feat:
Pommel to the Head is now a Quick Action that does not consume a turn.

Wired Claw

Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Gadgeteer: If you miss with Wired Claw then you can spend 2 Guile to use another Quick or Standard Action.
Target: One enemy
Attack: Half of Dexterity + Half of Intelligence + Level vs PD
Effect: The Thief pulls out a claw attached to a thick wire. He throws it at an enemy, and what happens next is dependent on what the player wants to do next. If the enemy is normal size than he can pull the enemy to him, or just pull him into some traps that the Thief has left lying around…or really anything else applicable. This is a big time Utility skill in that the player has to think up of some kind of action and the GM needs to approve it.

Champion Feat: Wired Claw is now barbed, dealing half of your Dexterity or Intelligence (whichever is lowest) as damage.
Epic Feat:
Wired Claw is now a Quick Action.


5th Level Ruses

Deployable Turret

Daily Skill
Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Gadgeteer: Spend 3 guile to either increase the Health multiplier to 3x, or the damage to 3x.
Duration: Number of turns equal to the Thief’s Intelligence mod or until it is destroyed
Health: 50 + 2d10 + 2x Intelligence Mod
Effect: The turret chooses a random target and releases a series of bolts, dealing 3d10 damage. The target is chosen by assigning a number to every enemy, and then rolling a high enough die to select the target.
Damage: 3d10 damage to a random target.
7th level           4d6 x2
9th level           6d6 x2

Champion Feat: The durability of the turret is now: 70 + 3d10 + 3x Intelligence mod.
Epic Feat: The turret now fires rockets! The rockets can select two targets every turn, but with 7th level damage instead of 9th level damage.

The Situation At Hand

Daily Skill
Ruse Skill
Effect: The Thief takes some times to examine the scene, determining what his next move should be. Roll a d10. What you have rolled is how much Guile you regain on top of any other factors. The turn is consumed.

Champion Feat: You can make The Situation at Hand a Quick Action, but you only take half as much Initiative.

Smoke Screen

Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 5
Gadgeteer: Spend 3 to go first on the next round.
Duration: To be longer than a single turn, beat DC 16/20/22 with INT.
Effect: The Thief releases a smoke screen, surrounding him and nearby allies in fog. The AC of allies in the fog are increased by the Thief’s Intelligence modifier.

Champion Feat: DC is now 14/18/20.

Venomous Knife

Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 2
Target: One enemy
Requires: Throwing Knife
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Effect: You quickly throw out a knife dipped in poison, dealing no damage but poisoning the enemy.

Champion Feat: Your throw two knives, each meant for a nearby enemy.

Ice Serpent Venom

Venom Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Target: One enemy
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Effect: The next skill the target uses is locked out for one turn. If the skill would normally have a cooldown of some sort (ie is disabled for a certain amount of turns by default), then add an additional turn to the cooldown.

Champion Feat: The ability is locked for two turns instead of one.


7th Level Ruses


Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 4
Gadgeeter: Use 3 Guile to increase you AC, PD or MD equal to the Initiative bonus until you get hit or for a number of turns equal to said bonus, whichever comes first.
Target: Self
Effect: The Thief injects himself with Adrenaline, increasing his Initiative order for the next turn. Add +2 to your rolled Initiative.

Champion Feat: Your Initiative bonus is now +3.
Epic Feat: Your Initiative bonus is now +4.

Everyone in Shadows

Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 5
Gadgeteer: Spend 4 Guile to allow anyone that is cloaked to use a free Recovery roll.
Duration: d6 + INT
Effect: The Thief drops a device that cloaks nearby allies in Stealth. They cannot be seen on their next turn, but after that they must do a DEX vs d20 + INT of any nearby enemies to avoid detection. Additionally, any attack, spell, or ability will break the stealth.

Epic Feat: Characters may use their dominant attribute to avoid detection instead of Dexterity.

Shadow Bolt

Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Gadgeteer: Spend 4 Guile to deal full damage with the Ranged Weapon.
Target: One enemy
Requires: Shadowstep, Hand Crossbow and Melee Weapon
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Hit: Ranged Weapon + Half Dexterity Damage → Melee Weapon + Dexterity Damage
Effect: The Thief fires with his Hand Crossbow and then Shadowsteps to deal a guaranteed melee attack.

Champion Feat: The Ranged Weapon now deals full Dexterity damage.

Choking Gas

Venom Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 5
Target: 1d3 Nearby Enemies
Effect: The Thief throws a grenade that is filled with poisonous gas. He handed out antidotes to his allies earlier so they are unaffected. This is a normal Venom, with no additional effects, but all damage and the duration is cut in half. This can be stacked with other Venoms, however.

Champion Feat: All affected enemies must also beat 16 DC or be stunned for the round.
Epic Feat: Roll a d4. The results of this is added for a longer duration. The stun is not increased.

9th Level Ruses

Basilisk Venom

Venom Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Target: One enemy
Effect: The Thief fills the target’s blood with the venom of the Basilisk. It does no damage immediately, but the critical range of the target is expanded by 2 for the duration of the poison, and if by the Thief’s next turn it receives critical damage it will turn to stone. For all non-Large and Boss types this is an instant kill. For everyone else this is 10 + Int x 10 damage.

Epic Feat: The critical range is expanded permanently. This can only happen once per battle. This stacks with other critical range expanders.

Mortar in the Pack

Daily Skill
Gadget Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Gadgeteer: Spend 6 Guile to use another mortar on another target.
Target: One Enemy
Damage: 4d8 x 2/3
Effect: The Thief pulls a portable mortar out of his pack and fires. If the target is nearby, multiply the d8s by 2. If they are further away, then multiply them by 3. Enemies near the target just go down a tier in damage (those near a nearby target just suffer the d8s, while those near a faraway target suffers x2).

Storm of Daggers

Daily Skill
Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Target: 1d6 Nearby Enemies
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs AC
Hit: Melee Weapon + Dexterity Damage x3
Effect: The Thief spins, unleashing a flurry of throwing daggers to all enemies in his vicinity.

Epic Feat: The daggers also deal Venom damage.


Summon the Cartel

Daily Skill
Ruse Skill
Guile Cost: 6
Effect: The Thief summons a pair of Cartel Members to aid him in combat.

Epic Feat: Increases the amount of summoned Cartel Members to three.
Epic Feat: The Cartel Members now have the “Gang Up” passive skill.

Cartel Member
5th Level Troop

Initiative: +7

HP    60

AC    18
PD    16
MD   12

Barbed Weapons:
+7 vs AC – 11 damage

Natural 10+: The weapon carves into the flesh of the opponent, dealing 6 damage for the next three turns. If this effect is already occurring, the attack does 13 damage instead of 11.

Gang Up: The Thief gains a bonus to Hit depending on how many Cartel Members are also attacking the same target. For just one Cartel Member, the bonus is 2. For two Members, the bonus is 3, and with three Cartel Members the bonus is 4.