Meet the Characters


elnanBorn with parents, was forced to lived without them. This Halfling Bard seeks to find the pirates that took the lives of his family,and have a few choice words with then. And then send a dagger into their hearts.

kazimirOctavian is the unwilling servant of the Silent God…some sort of half-forgotten divine entity that doesn’t understand the prospect of speaking in legible sentences. Or with words at all.

olvirCursed to assist anyone that he lays his eyes upon, this Dark Elf seeks freedom from Tutrethos’ affliction.

ralphAmongst the first of the Ironforged to be awakened by the Dwarves, Ralph will do anything to discover the mission that his masters imparted upon him.

With sword in one hand, and the power of the storms in another, Brāzmot aims to free himself from the bondage of Dragons.

ameliforAmelifor Lhatyn, Mage-Militiant of Boltstrike Pillar. Dead now, slain by the Blue Dragon sleeper agent Varis. But just because one’s life has come to an end does not mean one stops influencing the present. One does not become a Mage-Militiant by mere chance, or just by being skilled in magical arts. The Mage-Militants are the jail-keepers of the Circle Magus. There are things that should not get out, and it is up to the Mage-Militants to make sure that doesn’t happen. So when someone is made a Mage-Militant, it is because due to their past deeds the Circle knows that they can trust the person.

What someone does before their title is granted to them just as much influences the world as what they do after the fact.

slessikNasald was the last to hatch. He was the first to reach adulthood. In a way, that should say everything about the Blue Dragonspawn Commandant – he is a ruthless creature. It only makes sense that he eventually aligned himself with Sathlokiir of Drakkenhall. He has been nicknamed the “Flesh Hunter”, for his capability to flesh out Imperial spies. The title was conceived as an insult, as anything seen with flesh is considered weak. Nasald has taken pride in his title, however, as he recognizes that the Dragon Empire has become powerful for a reason. The armies of the Blue may have bested them on the Plains of Ash, but that does not diminish the Impieral Human’s tenacity for living against all odds. After all, how many of their Empires have fallen only for another to rise up in it’s place? Countless. By Nasald’s estimates, the Dragons should be flattered that the Humans would use their namesake for their Empire. It only asserts the strength the Dragons have.

No mistake should be made, however. The Dragon Empire is the enemy, even if those of Drakkenhall feign cooperation.


palemanIt is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. That may be true, but what is often forgotten is that teeth are the gateway.