Meet the Bound


Many spell casting classes are all about rigorous study, or being taught the arcane arts with a mentor to guide and protect you. The Bound didn’t have a chance to even ask. He was just possessed by something and was given immense powers and was told to deal with it.

The Bound was inspired by people talking about the Sorcerer class in early D&D Next playtest packets, where the Sorcerer had to balance between super powerful spells and making sure his sorcerous soul didn’t control him. I thought that was a wicked cool idea, and the dumping of that just another example of Wizards not having a clue about anything fun and cool. I also wished there were more simple wizards to play, and I also wished that we had classes that had their thematics more intimately linked with their mechanics.

So the Bound. A Dark Wizard, certainly, but not one by choice! He just rolls with the punches, and is just happy to not be another witch hunter’s trophy. The Bound has several interesting mechanics; the first being the need to balance your SORCEROUS SOUL with your MORTAL SPIRIT. The Soul powers up your most powerful spells, while the Spirit makes sure you can actually stay in control of your character and not hand the character sheet to your GM for a few turns. The Bound also doesn’t have to mediate on his spells – every time he reaches an odd level, he gains new spells that are ALWAYS at his command.

The Bound has not been tested. Thanks to Casey Peavler, creator of the Eldcaller, for the feedback and suggestions.