Dragon Empire Updates

One Revive Dead Spell Later…

I am back on creating new stuff for 13th Age! I’ve been off the bruner for a long time, but a new state and a new gaming group does alot to revitalize you. Here’s what I have made in the past few weeks:

  • Added Dwarven and Interracial Factions. Elves will be coming eventually!
  • Changed the pictures on the Bestiary page from flat white icons, to vibrant multicolored ones with actual text!
  • Added the first Aberration monster, the Ctholin. Inspired by the Erynth Grask from Numenera.
  • Gave a shot at my first high level, boss encounter. The Ingressian is an ancient Construct that gets aided by a familiar to become a devastating foe!
  • After playing through most of Dark Souls III, I decided to whip out 5 humanoid monsters inspired by the games.

I’m going to try to keep this front page updated on a more regular basis. A few things I feel that needs changing:

  • Meet the Characters needs to remove the NPCs that will probably not appear in my new campaign.
  • Change the logo for the new campaign.
  • Make new heroes pages once my group makes their characters.
  • Either actually fix the Thief or axe him entirely and hopes the internet forgets about him.