My GM Merit Badges!

So recently I re-came across this cool post and I decided to indulge myself.


The Cool Story Badge –  Maybe it’s because I was a writer before I was a GM, or perhaps it was the wide collection of stories I tend to read, or maybe it’s because of Planescape: Torment and Mask of the Betrayer. but I like to think that I have some pretty interesting stories in my campaigns. Whenever I GM – which is a pretty frickin’ lot, let’s be honest – I always try to say “What cool things can I do with this setting?” I think that’s a pretty good angle to go at.

The Characters are Destined for Greatness Badge – I never understood the GM philosophy to just kill off every character at any opportunity. Stories need character to live in order to tell it. If you tried that philosophy with a book, or a show, or a movie, it would just fall apart. Even GRRM keeps a certain cast of his characters alive because you need that surviving core to keep the plot moving.

The Disturbing Content Badge – This can definitely be applied to Planescape: Torment and Mask of the Betrayer. I go for some pretty weird scenarios in my games, and to me weird should also be a little horrifying. Like a cut off hand with a mouth in it’s palm.


The Pre-Existing Content Badge – I don’t improvise that well. I always have notes, and I always have an idea where the Campaign is going to go. It is not railroaded, but I don’t let the players have absolute authority. There needs to be some sense of direction. 

The GM is in Charge – What I say goes. I listen to my players, but the players follow my lead.