Dragon Empire Updates

News! Lots and lots of news!

Well, not really. More like just what has happaned in the past week.

First off, we’ve preordered the Beastiary! Now that book isn’t due until early 2014. I am going to assume that will mean sometime in January. Heck we just might be lucky enough that it will arrive in time for my birthday. Probably not though – luck never has been one of our strong suits. In the meantime though we do have the “Hatchery” which is the Beta PDF that is chock full of nearly 200 pages worth of monsters for me to exploit and kill you all with.


Secondly, after a month of procrastination and pestering, I have finally gotten around to finishing the Gods. All of the Gods that have aligned themselves with either ANU or Porodomy are for your viewing pleasure. Now, I intended these Gods to be more like Greek myths rather than Forgotten Realms – they probably don’t mind meddling in the affairs of mortals. In fact, if they are a Dark God than they downright love it. But don’t expect them to actually give the heroes a boon or some magic relic or something. They may act as a guide, but that’s it. They much more prefer to see how you mortals take charge.

That leaves me with the races. I am going straight ahead on that count, knocking the four Ekven races (or the Ven as they refer to themselves) right off the bat. Today I have finished up the Humans and the Dragonspawn. I drew a lot of influences from Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and Houses of the Blooded for these races to give them a fresh interpretation. I am really going out of my way to make sure each of the races – or subraces – are fairly distinct from popular incarnations. If you feel I failed in that task…hit me over the head and tell me why!

I also chucked out all of the racial symbols in favor of heraldry taken from the Dragon Age games. I loved the worn down, mosaic look and felt they fit my interpretation of the Dragon Empire better than the Elder Scrolls Online symbol.

I will be trying to finish the races sometimes this week, but with real life (school, food, sleep, trying to get an internship…) there may be complications.

Aw hell. There WILL be complications. In fact, pretend I didn’t say any promises. It never happened. Wipe it from your memory.

Races what? When did I say that?